US politics direct updates: Donald Trump loses more court challenges, puts Election College Joe Biden on the verge of 270

Quick questions!

I think there will be a bigger fan charge when it comes to the Biden 270. California can now wrap it up with a great song and dance. Or is there pressure to let everyone else go first?

-And the next president. . .

No, they are not waiting for everyone or anything like that. In general, this is a monotonous practical step in the whole process. So they all meet at the same time and agree to fulfill all official duties. Since California is on the west coast, it’s three hours behind the east coast, so it’s a little later than the others.

California is scheduled to begin the process at 9:00 a.m. on AEDT. This would be the state representing more than 270 pitfalls.

Hi Peter, do you think that after voting in the Electoral College and giving the number of cases already lost, we will finally see more Republicans accepting Biden as the winner?

-It’s not about time

I expect we will. In the last few weeks, we have heard a lot of Republicans say, “Let’s see this process.” The process is over today. It’s important to see Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Behind Trump, he is the next most influential person in the party. If he moves, a lot will move with him.

Hi Peter, How does each state determine the number of electoral college votes? Is it just because of the population? Will the number of votes ever change?

-Vote counter

It is the number of representatives of a state in the U.S. House and the number of senators in the Senate. So California has 53 delegates and two senators, giving it 55 election college votes.

What kind of fish hangs in Massachusetts?


I know a lot about American politics, but, to my mother’s disappointment, not much about fish. Want to have cracks in any Angels comments?

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