Steam will hit the new simultaneous user at 24.7M

Steam will hit the new simultaneous user at 24.7M

For one watch site, Steam surpassed the previous simultaneous number of users to a new height of 24,776,635 players Steam. These new high beats records were set in March of this year as steam usage has risen between global shelter orders and locks due to the corona virus infection. This spike is probably the most complicated, but with the onset of winter, updated locks in some countries and the release of Cyberbunk 2077 may all be contributors. Cyberbunk alone boasted more than a million simultaneous Steam users earlier this week, a record for a single game on the platform.

CS’s growing popularity: GO also contributes a significant portion. Counter-Strike: The Global Attack first defeated 1 million soldiers in March with 1.2 million, retreating rapidly, but its average number of soldiers is much higher than in the past year-round. It is now returning to the identity of the 1 million average player.

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