Mora Higgins humiliates Ireland because he loses The Wheel Player in an epic 10k defeat

Love Island star Mora Higgins has been accused of causing disgrace in his own Ireland during Michael McIntyre’s new sports show The Wheel.

Wheel finds celebrities helping competitors in general knowledge questions in an attempt to win some money.

“Geographically, would it be more accurate to say ‘this is a long way to Tipperary’ from these Irish districts?” Mura was called to help rival Barry with the question. “

The options were completely confused by Limerick, Donegal, Cork or Dublin, and Mora in County Longford.

Mora Barry lost £ 10,000

Mora told Barry: Donegal I think, Donegal is towards the north, I think Donegal is.

I think I’m between Donegal and Cork … it’s stress!

But I think Cork is the most important … Oh it’s so hard! She changed her mind several times.

Barry won almost £ 10,000 on the show

I’m going to be ashamed of my life and will never let myself into Ireland! Said Mora.

Barry chose Donegal, but it was wrong, and he lost his place on the show, and after playing incredibly well until the end of the show he was paid £ 10,000.

He was utterly frowning, and Mora was speechless, awkward.

Barry was completely devastated

One observer tweeted: “I can’t take the bloody cork on Mona Donegal if I’m honest”.

Another wrote: “Going through my DL seems like the Irish people misunderstand the question of Ma Raw Higgins Ireland #Wheel Not too far from Cork Tipperary … Donegal of course.

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“Someone please get her a map of Ireland for Christmas!

Mora had chosen Ireland as his special subject

Another joked: “Oh companion Mora will never set foot in Ireland again!”

“Oh God, Mora Higgins and his knowledge of geography. Cork is a long way from Dipper. #Wheel# Ireland, ”Added one-fifth.

* Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel is now available on the BBC iPlayer

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