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Govit-19: Demand for Scotch eggs rises tenfold under Tier 2 pub alcohol rules UK News

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals involving publishers and restaurants.

Food business breaks – working with 50,000 UK pubs – told Sky News that demand has increased tenfold since the end of the UK’s second lockout.

More than 30 million people in the UK currently have to place an order under the Tier 2 rules “Substantial food” If they want to buy alcohol.

The Scotch egg – an egg wrapped in sausage meat and coated in bread crumbs – has been the subject of much debate recently about whether they meet the criteria: Are they large enough? Do you have to order two? Should I sit with a knife and fork?

Government ministers were initially confused as to what was once an uncivilized snack / meal.

Environment Secretary George Eustis said it would count if a Scotch egg was served at a table, but Boris Johnson’s spokesman confused the water by saying “bar snacks” did not meet the new rules.

During a series of interviews earlier in the morning earlier this month, Michael Cove changed his position on the big issue.

The cabinet minister first rejected a “Scotch egg” as a starter, and then appeared before admitting that it was in fact “substantial food”.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed to Sky News a day later: “Those in the hospitality business know what substantial food is … A starter can be substantial food, and you can have a Scotch egg as a starter.”

Exploring from the increasing demand, many now see Scotch eggs as food for the trip to order a pint.

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But a spokesman for the Prime Minister says drinkers should leave a bubble as soon as they finish their meal, as customers may order another round as it raises the chance of a painfully slow meal.

Ahead of the rules coming out earlier this month, Alastair Kerr of The Campaign for Pubs told Sky News that these actions posed “more questions than answers” but that the public would “run the policy of public knowledge”.

Pubs in Tier 3 are currently closed except for carrying and dispensing, while some areas in Tier 1 do not have the “substantial food” rule.

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