‘Evermore,’ Taylor Swift’s second album, 2020, critically acclaimed

'Evermore,' Taylor Swift's second album, 2020, critically acclaimed

While the rest were playing virtual quizzes on Zoom, the pop star rediscovered his sound and recorded two amazing albums – the second of which was released on Friday just hours after “Evermore” was announced.

Its July’s mega-hit, “Folklore,” Swift received his accolades for his return to vibrant melody and indie-inspired soundtracks, but injected a unique winter aesthetic and embarked on some unexpected song journeys.

The 15-song effort was hailed by many critics and fans alike in its release, as Swift explored the seamless continuation of the removed-back style in “Folk Tales”.

But others wondered if the album lived up to its predecessor, which Swift described as the “sister album” for its new offering this week.

“It’s a bubble we don’t want,” Variety The isolated months ended with Swift’s long creative explosion. The release described the singer’s 2020 as “an embarrassment” that ends with shocking albums cut out of a locked museum.
Taylor Swift released two albums in 2020.  Most of us try to get it
“Not everything works here, but folk tales and Evermore make a definite case for Swift’s ability to change form and navigate between genres of his songs,” The Guardian commented. Four star review. “It’s very interesting when the lock goes to excessive achievements.”
Swift once again expresses her interest in four-minute song autobiographies, this time paying homage to her late grandmother in “Marjorie” and paying tribute to her disappointed wife in “enduring it” – a five-star review in the British press N.M.E..

But the singer returned to two familiar areas that often revolved around her previous album, tapping into her folk music roots in “Cowboy Like Me” and later “Gold Rush” and “Long Story Short”. The shiny pop he’s won over the last decade.

“If ‘Folklore’ is an intentional, romantic older sister, ‘Evermore’ is an independent younger sibling,” N.M.E. “The new album rewards the stylistic leap of faith represented by ‘folklore’ and pushes the boundaries of those sonic palettes even further.”

The fans seemed equally satisfied. Superfan Alex Goldsmith wrote on Twitter that “Evermore” is a ‘folk tale’ in screaming color, referring to a song in Swift’s previous song “Out of the Woods”.

Another popular Swift fan page wrote: “This is one of the most magical and beautiful journeys I have (ever) had on an album.”

After the band merged “Folk Tales” together earlier this year, Swift reunited with Bon Ivor and songwriters Aaron Tessner and Jack Antonoff.

“William Bowery” – There were a few songwriting credits to a mysterious contributor Swift, who was revealed last month, is, in fact, her boyfriend Joe Alvin.

The slow, reflective sound that Swift opened in 2020 should now be seen as his ballpark tana. “I don’t know what’s coming next,” he wrote on his social media channels Friday.

“I don’t know a lot about a lot of things these days, so I’m sticking to one thing that keeps me connected with all of you. That thing will always be, always will be music. And let it always go on,” Swift added.

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