Community plans long-distance visit to Santa Claus International Space Station | News

Community plans long-distance visit to Santa Claus International Space Station |  News

Philadelphia And the North Pole, December 10, 2020 / PR Newswire / – The North Pole has confirmed that the International Space Station’s (ISS) Santa skiing ceremony will take place. December 24. This world tour will honor the 20th anniversary of a continuous career at ISS, a milestone achieved in November.

Santa trackers will see ISS orbit in its precise real-time location in the digital world built of cesium

Official NORAD in Santa Tracker Helps users to track Santa’s journey throughout the day December 24. New this year, by zooming in on the 3D Santa Tracker app, visitors will be able to see the ISS orbit the planet at its exact real-time location. Other updates include a mask in Santa’s traditional costume, and part of the trip – a space helmet.

Norad, North American Space Defense Command, a United States And Canada Two national organizations of protection North America By using radar, satellites and fighter jets to monitor its atmosphere and surrounding objects 24 hours a day. Each year, it joins hands with corporate partners in undertaking a special mission to track Santa’s snow-covered trail. The application shows that Santa’s position is reflected in the most accurate digital duplicate of the Earth provided Cesium, A PhiladelphiaBased geo software company.

“Cesium is rooted in space, so it makes a lot of sense to us that our technology will allow millions of people to enjoy this event in real time from the safety of their homes,” said the CEO of Cesium. Patrick Cosey.

“ISS is a wonderful example of what human beings can do when we work together,” he said Hannah Bingos, The leading developer of the application. “2020 was a difficult year, but I think this special trip reminds us of Santa’s way.”

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About Cesium – Site for 3D geospatial

Cesium has been providing the 3D geography platform that has been running the Norad Trax Santa app since 2012. Born in the space software company AGI, Ansis, cesium became independent in 2019. Its open source is used across businesses to build applications using collected 3D location data. From sensors such as satellites and drones. By creating the Earth’s precise digital twins with cesium, users can understand the functions of smart cities, measure piles of soil at construction sites thousands of miles away, and track Santa’s ice skating in real time. Geography. Learn more at

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