Atlanta Braves pass Major League portion of Rule 5 draft, add 3 to MILB stage

Atlanta Braves pass Major League portion of Rule 5 draft, add 3 to MILB stage

The annual MLP Rule 5 draft began just after noon this afternoon, giving teams the opportunity to snatch minor league players from each other’s farm systems if they were not protected on the club’s 40-man list.

Braves finished 25th in the draft and decided to send their pick to the MLP stage of the draft, despite having a couple open points on the 40-man list. Despite the overall number of actions in the draft, there were plenty of passing teams like Braves – a normal occurrence in Rule 5.

Beyond Braves ’decision to pass their exam, other teams will add anyone from the Braves system to the MLB stage of Rule 5 draft. This means that Thomas Burroughs’ options are still in the Braves system.

At the Minor League stage, the player does not need to list 40 men or add to the MLP list, Braves A.J. Picked up the bucket, right hand jug White socks A list of doubles.

Buckett is an interesting player, taken in the 2nd round of 2016 MLP Draft He traded for white socks for the Royals and Melki Cabrera from Pepperdine. He has not danced since 2017 due to injury, Tommy John surgery, and then the corona virus. He will have a lot more to come individually on.

In the second round Braves picked up second paceman Jalan Miller San Francisco Giants A list of doubles. Miller was a third-round pick in 2015 from Riverwood HS in Sandy Spring, Georgia. Miller has always been a tool, but to this day his full potential has never been tied together on the pro ball because his winning tool was questionable. He has more to come on.

In the third round of the Minor League stage, the Braves took on Jacob Pearson, a player from the doubles system. In the third round of the 2017 MLP draft, Angels Pearson was expelled from a Louisiana high school and then sent to Shoaib Othani for twins in an IFA money-making deal. Pearson was considered a hopeful to drop out of high school, but has so far struggled positively. He will have many more to come.

The Braves lost no one in the small league stage of the draft.

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