Melania Trump backtracks on the White House tennis pavilion

Melania Trump backtracks on the White House tennis pavilion

US First Lady Melania Trump has caused another setback online after celebrating the completion of the new tennis pavilion at the White House.

Mrs. Trump Critics have suggested that this announcement was not relevant Worst case scenario of corona virus infection in USA.

We will get back to that reaction soon. However, first of all, I would like to note that the planning for this project started in early 2018, which was approved in June 2019 by the Fine Arts Commission and the National Capital Planning Commission.

In other words, the pavilion was planned, and funding for its construction was approved long before the outbreak began. Something to keep in mind.

Anyway, the White House announced it was over In a statement Today.

“First Lady Melania Trump is pleased to announce the completion of the new White House Tennis Pavilion,” it said.

“The project includes renovating the White House tennis court and the grandchildren’s garden and constructing a new building.

“The building and landscape were planned to blend in with the existing structures on the White House grounds.

“The design of the structure was inspired by the current architecture of the White House, especially the eastern and western wings.

“Elements such as the colonnade, the parapet wall and the fanlight windows add to the new building’s look and feel of the White House.”

Really fascinating stuff.

That statement includes two quotes from Ms Trump.

“Thanks to all the talented artisans who made this project possible and to the generous supporters of the White House,” he said.

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“It is my hope that this private space will serve as a place of rest and reunion for future first families.”

According to the White House, the new structure was funded by private donations in conjunction with the National Mall and National Park Service Foundation.

In a Twitter post, Ms Trump said the tennis court was a “historic milestone.”

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There is no shortage of teasing online in response to Ms Trump’s announcement.

Several responses pointed to the dire situation facing the United States in the fight to bring in COVID-19, with new cases and hospitalizations at record levels.

More precisely, the country currently has an average of 192,000 infections each day and 2170 deaths. More than 100,000 Americans have been hospitalized.

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If you are familiar with this whole setback, there is a reason for it.

In early March, the same thing happened to Ms Trump Tweeted photos of himself Wears a stiff hat at the construction site.

“I encourage everyone who chooses negatively to question my work at the White House, to take the time and to contribute something good and useful to their own communities,” the first lady pointed out at the time.

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We have not seen much of Ms Trump since her husband lost the election last month, but she joined him. A political rally in Georgia week end.

He addressed the crowd while introducing the President.

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“It’s great to be here with you tonight. Thank you for coming out and supporting us, ”Ms Trump said.

“President Trump continues to fight for you every day. Do not let your voices be silenced. ”

Apparently, the rally was planned so Mr Trump could campaign on behalf of two Republican senators, David Bertue and Kelly Lofler.

The pair face democratic challenges in two key elections on January 5, which will determine the balance of power in the Senate.

If the Republicans win, Mr Trump’s party will retain its majority in the House. If they both lose, there will be 50 senators for each major party, with incumbent Vice President Kamala Harris holding a tiebreaking vote.

“We need to keep our seats in the Senate. It is more important than ever to exercise your right to vote as an American citizen,” Ms Trump said.

“Under my husband’s leadership, our borders are secure, global terrorists have been destroyed, historic peace agreements have been made in the Middle East.

“President Trump has brought jobs back to the American people. Opportunities for women in our workforce have expanded. Our economy has risen and unemployment has shrunk.

“When a global epidemic hit the United States last January, my husband put the American people first.

“Now, under this administration and because of our amazing medical skills and resources, we are closer than ever to a vaccine that will save millions of lives.

“Georgia, let your voices be heard. Exit and vote for Senator Lofler and Senator Bertou. ”

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The rest of the rally was very wild. You can read about it here Here.

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