Watch: Edinburgh were hit by the Thunderstorm for the second night in a row

Watch: Thundersnow strikes Edinburgh for second night in a row

The move followed similar bangs and bright flashes that startled many early Friday morning, prompting some to call police to report an explosion in the capital.

After 1 a.m., several explosions could be heard with thunder throughout the city.

Residents took to social media and someone said: “THUNDERSNOW !!! WW3 has now erupted across Edinburgh. “

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Heavy rains and hail continued, raising high water levels in many parts of the city.

Another resident tweeted: “Tonight in Edinburgh there will be thunder and lightning, the sky will be falling, so much hail / snow / rain. Enough 2020, please … #Thundersnow. ”

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According to meteorological office experts, snowfall sometimes occurs during thunderstorms.

Dramatic night sky on Saturday morning, captured by Edinburgh resident

This is called ‘thunder lightning’ with regular thunder and lightning. Thunderstorm is unusual because it only occurs during certain months of the year.

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