Ronald Koeman was never the right choice for Barca

Ronald Koeman was never the right choice for Barca

Former Barcelona president Joseph Maria Bardomeu has made countless mistakes while at the club, and many more will be discovered in the coming weeks.

His last appointment as coach of the first team was Ronald Coman, based on the strength of his association with the club as a player.

This is not a strange decision either. Koman was well beaten before finally being forced to return to camp pain.

Had he taken the baton earlier, the club could have saved Quick Chettian’s disastrous rule, however, as Koeman has lost more games in his first 10 games than the full time he was at Chettian.

The Catalan people are closer to the bottom of the table than the top in terms of points, and the 2020/21 campaign is one of their worst. This is already their worst start since the 1987/88 season.

What’s more, it could have been predicted.

Koman has never really been considered a success as a manager. He last won a league championship 14 years ago, and the Copa del Rey title, his last reference to any club, came with Valencia in the last decade.

The characters in both Southampton and Everton are notable for how poorly organized both teams are.

Playing at a club gives you an understanding of the inner workings, but successes elsewhere often indicate how well things can go when you are under the microscope at a pressure cooker job like Barca.

Koman was not cut for it … the truth is he never was.

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