Tesco, Asta, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons Christmas distribution locations

Tesco, Asta, Sainsbury's and Morrisons Christmas distribution locations

In just 20 days, many of us would have sat around the dinner table inside our Christmas party.

Festive food is an easy part to enjoy – but it’s hard to organize and cook, especially if you can’t get your hands on a turkey or Christmas pudding.

This year is even harder due to restrictions in supermarkets.

Throughout the first lockout, stores saw hundreds of customers queuing outside to enter stores, resulting in people making their own grocery stores online.

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Supermarkets have recently warned shoppers that delivery locations are being cleared fast, with only a few more remaining until December 25th.

Tesco, Asta, M&S and Sainsbury’s have been in high demand for delivery slots, albeit in limited numbers. Manchester Evening News reports.

Tesco is in high demand, while Asta warns shoppers: “If places are gone, they are gone.”

Sainsbury’s is urging people not to leave this too late, and M&S says its places are already over by Christmas.

So if you are still trying to secure a place, here is everything you need to know.


Iceland offers free Christmas delivery for any orders over Ice 35. Orders can be placed from Monday, December 14th to Friday, December 18th Here.

Delivery locations are available until December 23 from 6am to 11pm. However, there is a way to get some money from your Icelandic Christmas shop.

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You can join the topcashback and get 15 from your Icelandic Christmas shop. If you spend £ 35 for a free distribution, it will cost just £ 20 if you are a new member of Topcashback. You can join here.


M&S already warns that due to very high demand, there are now limited products and collection spaces. There are still places, but you have to go fast.

Slots are available for Christmas and New Year orders from December 30th to 31st. You can pre-order and pay the remaining amount when you collect at the store.

You can check locations and availability Here now.


Asta has opened its distribution and collection spaces for Christmas. The shop says: “Slots are selling fast at this busy time, so book as soon as you can. When the seats are gone, they are gone!”.

Plus if you have a continuous slot, you will not be able to use it from December 19th to January 3rd, so you will need to book a new slot during that time. Your regular slot will automatically restart after January 3rd.

Go to book a slot for Christmas 2020 Asta website here.


Tesco’s website says: “We are experiencing a high demand for spaces around Christmas”.

Currently shoppers can book a click & collect slot or a flexible saver delivery slot due to high demand.

Supermarket has provided shoppers with a number of tips, including booking your slot and updating only a few items to give you more time to create your list. Once you are ready to complete your order, go back and check back by 11:45 pm the day before your delivery.

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Don’t worry if you forget something, because you can edit your order as many times as you want and check every time you do.

If you have any festive food to order in your Christmas basket, you should check them out by 11.45pm on December 14th. You can edit other items that are not part of the festive meal until 11.45pm. The day before your delivery. To order a festive meal you cannot edit it unless you want to remove it completely.

Find out more and make a click and collect or book for Flexi Saver Delivery slots Here is the Tesco website.

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Sainsbury’s opens its distribution and storage space from December 20-23.

Three weeks in advance, the store urges customers to plan ahead and overcome urgency by securing a slot that suits them.

You should see it once you get a spot, but your basket will not be charged until the day of delivery or collection. You can edit your baskets as many times as you like until 11pm the night before.

Navigate to find out more and book a slot Sainsbury’s website is here.


Shoppers can make Morrison one-day deliveries throughout December Amazon.

The two have teamed up just before Christmas, and delivery can be booked until 3pm on December 24th – depending on availability.

So for those who want to plan things now, Men has taken note of the information available.

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They will resume taking orders for groceries from December 26th at 12 noon on Christmas Day.

Delivery is free to Prime members, so if you are not already a Prime Member, you can sign up for the 30 day free trial and take advantage of Morrisons Delivery and TV and film streaming and the next Prime benefits. Day delivery in thousands of products.

Find out more The Morrisons page on Amazon is here.

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