NC State No. 1 South Carolina Women – Salisbury Post

NC State No. 1 South Carolina Women - Salisbury Post

Written by Pete Ikobelli

AP Sports Writer

COLUMBIA, SC – North Carolina state coach Wes Moore has replaced two-time Super Bowl-winning coach Phil Parsells after Wolf’s No. 1 win over South Carolina.

Raina Perez points 3 points 3:07 Left and Kayla Jones 16 points and 12 rebounds and eighth-ranked Wolfback won Camcox’s 29-game lead with a 54-46 win Thursday night.

Moore, like his players, was happy with the road opener’s victory. But it’s too early for anyone to think that Wolfback can go into season now.

Parcels talked about “big game, next game,” Moore said. “We need to make sure we’re ready to play on Sunday. But we are going to enjoy this for about 24 hours. ”

There was a lot to admire. With Jones, Zakia Brown-Turner scored a double-double with 11 points and 12 boards. At the time of the crisis, Wolfgang beat South Carolina 11-2 in the final five minutes.

For the first time since defeating the Duke at the 2007 Atlantic Coast Conference, Wolpack (3-0) defeated the top seed.

South Carolina (3-1) lost for the first time since falling to Indiana on November 28, 2019, losing home for the first time after losing 68-64 to Mississippi State in a regular season final two seasons ago.

It was snowing all over Camcox, shooting 28% off the field.

“In my 21 years (training), I never felt like I did during the game,” said South Carolina coach Dan Staley. “Inaccessible. Inappropriate. Selfish play. ”

Eliza Kunen added 14 points, five rebounds and four blocks, while Perez finished with 11 points.

With less than two minutes to go, Wolbeck scored two of the worst shots in less than two minutes. But Gia Cook’s theft and dismissal dragged South Carolina into a basket in 53.4 seconds. After the time was up, Wolfback worked around the ball to the wide-open Jones for a 3-pointer.

The celebration was going on with 15 seconds left when Lee Crisset was summoned to the charge of possession.

Cook and Laticia Amiher led Camcox with 11 points each. Amiher also had 15 restarts.

Jones hoped the North Carolina state victory would be the team to be reckoned with this season. “I think it was a huge success,” he said. “I thought we could compete with anyone.”

It was a defensive struggle to find the points as both teams were locked in defense in the opening half.

Wolfback shot 25%, but it was better than South Carolina, which was 8 out of 37 and missed 14 consecutive shots.

Moore has a lot to clean up, especially offense. But he takes pleasure in teaching those lessons after a victory for ages.

“This is not March,” he said. “But this is a game we can definitely develop.”

The big picture

North Carolina State: Wolfback got the middle out against Get-Out and Run Camcocks, and it worked because they had South Carolina for a season-low 28% shoot.

SOUTH CAROLINA: The Camcocks have been deeply tested in the last three ball games, yet they have not established themselves as the dominant, relentless team they were a year ago.


South Carolina has topped the last 12 AP elections last season. That run will end next week with this loss. Until they slip in the next game on Sunday, Wolf can be expected to advance in the rankings.

ANTHEM Actions

Like its opening player, 10 of the 11 South Carolina players sat during the national anthem and supported the fight against racial injustice. The 10 members of Wolfback joined Camcox and knelt before each other as they played the song.


At half-time, when South Carolina shot only 2 out of 19 in the second quarter (10.5%), Camcox coach Dan Staley, a former All-American and national player of the year in Virginia, told them it was unacceptable. “I told our team I could safely close my eyes and shoot more than 10 percent,” he said.

UP Next

North Carolina State: Hosts Coastal Carolina Sunday.

South Carolina: Ranked 23rd in Iowa on Sunday.


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