Live updates on new snow and ice weather warnings for camps

Live updates on new snow and ice weather warnings for camps

If you like snow and Christmas – sign up for the Secret Elves Club Newsletter!

But what is The Secret Elves Club, I ask you?

I tell you – this is a weekly newsletter sent by our two Christmas elves, Elf Amy and Elf Allen.

You can register as a member Secret Elves Club When you finish the survey, by doing so you will be sprinkling Christmas magic in your email inbox every week. If we can fill it with glitter, really.

Also, everyone who registers will enter a draw to win $ 200 on shopping vouchers.

From bizarre attendance calendar inventions (when an alcohol attendance calendar was a thing, honestly?) We will try all the seasonal ‘mandatory’ products before you buy. More money than ever. Opening the door to the visit calendar for December 24th in October can be a little different, but someone has to do it!

After all, we don’t want to waste your hard-earned coins on something that doesn’t light up your loved ones ’faces on Christmas morning, which is why we start the best high street and online deals every week, so you know where to jump and what to avoid.

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