ITV This Morning Fans ‘Brutal’ Iman Holmes ‘Scary’ Spin To Win

ITV This Morning Fans 'Brutal' Iman Holmes 'Scary' Spin To Win

Viewers called Iman Holmes “brutal” this morning after a “scary” exchange during this Spin Two episode.

Hit competition is a regular feature on the ITV breakfast show, and you can see a big wheel coming down from above the studio.

Visitors can enter online, and if they are invited, they should not say hello but respond using the pass phrase, which allows them to spin the wheel and play for cash prizes.

Today, the first caller answered hello – presenter Iman Holmes hung up and chose to chat with the player instead of going to the next caller.

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Iman said: “Sorry, what’s your name?”

The caller said: “No, who are you calling?”

Iman said: “Hello, you live on national television, because you entered the Spin to Win contest on ITV’s award this morning. But, whatever your name is, as you know, you did not say the pass phrase.”

The caller confirmed that his name was Denise: “Oh, I enter every day.”

Co-host Ruth Longsport said: “What are we going to do? We’m going to send you a candle.”

Iman added: “It’s beautiful.”

Ruth said: “Sorry, Denise.”

Iman then said: “It was great to talk to you, but you are a loser.”

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The audience took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Kirsty said: “How fair is that ?! Everyone who says hello is gone! She’s got a flowering candle!”

Ryan commented: “Denise got a candle for saying hello. It’s not fair.”

Bobby said: “Please stop talking to people who say hello Iman! This is so scary.”

One fan added: “Crickie, who the fuck is that? It’s horrible …”

Jules said: “How scary it was!”

But Josh said: “Oh Denise got up on the wrong side of the bed.”

Linda said: “Calling her a loser.”

Alison added: “Ah, poor Denise, I hope she gets a candle.”

* This morning airs on ITV from 10am on weekdays

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