Hangle telescope testifies to Stingray Nebula’s ‘very strange’ fast blur

Hangle telescope testifies to Stingray Nebula's 'very strange' fast blur

Hubble’s observations of the Stingray nebula in 1996 and 2016 show dramatic changes in luminous gases.

NASA, ISA, b. Polyk (University of Washington), M.Sc. Guerrero (Institute of Astrophysics de Andalusia), g.

In the process of measuring a universe in millions of billions of years, the Hubble Space Telescope has seen something extraordinary in two decades. The Stringray Nebula faded from bright from 1996 to 2016, as if it were hanging on a cosmic map.

Stenray, also known as Hen 3-1357, was hailed as the youngest planetary nebula known when it was first observed. At the end of the star’s life, the nebula formed, emitting glowing gases that gave it an ocean-like appearance.

What is so bad about the Nebula is that it is a serious product that has passed in a short period of time. “Such changes have never been caught in this clarity before.” NASA said in a statement on Thursday, Called the “rare form of gas that rapidly disappears around an aging star.”

Hubble collaborates with NASA and the European Space Agency (ISA). Astronomers focus Described by both companies “Unprecedented” changes. The nebula emits a lot of nitrogen (red), hydrogen (blue) and oxygen (green), giving it a brighter and brighter image.

“It’s so dramatic and so weird.” Hubble board member Martin Guerrero said Institudo di Astrophica de Andalusia in Spain. “We see the evolution of a nebula in real time.”

The culprit is often the central star inside the nebula The heat rose rapidly It is followed by the cooling phase. Hubble seems lucky enough to take the picture when he captures a scene before and after the wild oscillation of the nebula. At this rate, NASA estimates that it will not be detected for decades.

Of NASA Hubble Twitter account dropped “How it started / How it goes” Images before and after the nebula.

Despite being in orbit for a remarkable 30 years, Hubble continues to provide us with incredible cosmic discoveries. Scenes that distort the spirit of the distant universe To Beautiful portraits of Jupiter.

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