How to see Gemini meteor shower 2020: Shooting stars light up the sky in December

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The Gemini Meteor Shower is an annual feast for stargazers, and the day is almost here when more than 100 bright shooting stars are magnified like Christmas lights zooming across the sky.

This year’s show is predicted to be particularly brilliant, so it may be a great time for stargazers to stare at the sky for the first time.

When will the Gemini meteor shower in 2020? Peak performance 2020 Gemini Meteor Shower Monday, December 14 (12/14/2020) will be until 2:00 AM, but you can find shooting stars until 9:00 pm on Sunday, December 13 (12/13/2020) until ET. .

Geminites take place every year from December 4th to 17th. If Sunday night is cloudy you can still find a few shooting stars on Monday evening. At the time of writing, the weather forecast for the Syracuse, NY area was not pretty to see the starry scene that night, but things could always change.

How to see the Gemini meteor shower? Weather permitting, these should be one of the easiest meteor shower events to find. Bundle up, grab some hot cocoa and do everything you can to find a place with less pollution. Lie on your lawn or car hood and look up. Be patient, you will eventually find one in the corner of your eye, and when your eyes adjust to the dark, they will be smoother and easier.

This year the rain comes even before the new moon, when the moon is just 1% full, low light from the moon will block your vision.

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No special equipment such as telescopes and telescopes are required. A blurred field of view will provide the best opportunity to find meteorites.

What is the Gemini Meteor Shower? The Gemini meteor shower occurs each year as the Earth travels through the path of debris left in space by an object called 3200 pythons. It is named after the Gemini galaxy, the place where meteor showers fall, or where the meteorites appear in the sky.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Gemini is high in the sky at this time of year, which provides excellent visibility. Shooting stars can also appear different colors, as Geminites are caused by debris other than a comet. Travel & Leisure, So peel off your eyes.

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