Apple reveals black and silver deals on iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch and Mac

Apple reveals black and silver deals on iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch and Mac

Apple has introduced its Black Friday sale. Well, if you want to do Night Pick – the California company doesn’t do that Technically Refer to them as “Black Friday Deals” and instead call it a “four day shopping event from Friday to Monday”. We are not far from criticizing the crack marketing team at Apple, but there is no ring for it. Fortunately, the deals are good enough to offset somewhat iffy Naming.

Apple does not directly discount the price of its products (although you can find some examples from black silver sales such as Charis and Argos), which may include an Apple Store gift card purchased instead. While this is not the equivalent of getting a price drop, it does mean that people who buy multiple devices can get some serious discounts on a second purchase when using a gift card. Alternatively, you can get the accessories for free from the Apple Store. If none of them are impressive, you can use the gift card to purchase some apps, games, or subscribe to Apple Music for any device you purchase.

Unlike some retailers, Apple extends its deals for four days – Black Friday (November 27) to Monday, November 30, also known as “Cyber ​​Monday” because it traditionally only deals with their online stores on Black Friday, the day that some retailers bring. Due to the public health crisis, almost every black and silver deal takes place online, but it’s even better to give people a few days to make a decision before Apple buys from its bonus.

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Apple offers up ஸ்ட 120 on Apple Store gift card Sent to you with selected products. As you might expect, the biggest gift cards come with expensive hardware cards like the MacBook Pro or iMac.

First, the apple hand £ 40 gift card when you buy an iPhone SE, IPhone 11 Or IPhone XR. This is a substantial discount in one case, or a second charging cable or some money from the new Airports Pro. Unfortunately, the latest and best iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max are not eligible for the Black Friday deal. But both the iPhone SE and the iPhone 11 are powered by the amazingly fast A13 Bionic chipset, which is even faster than most major Android smartphones, and you can upgrade to iOS 14, which relaunch in September and brings widgets, the use of redesigned messages and much more.

That’s it Get a £ 20 gift card with the purchase of the Apple Watch Series 3 From the Apple Store. This will help you on the way to getting a new patta for your shiny new timing. You will receive a gift card of the same value Purchasing Airports, Which includes handsfree sir – hence the “hey smile!” When wearing Bluetooth buds. The Airports Pro £ 20 deserves an Apple Store gift cardஎன்றாலும் Although we recommend going to John Lewis, the high street retailer has reduced the price of noise-canceling ear plugs by the same amount.

Things get pretty generous when you start to park the iPod Pro range. Apple Dish-out 80 gift cards with IP iPod Pro Range, it is available in 11 inch and 12.9 inch screen size variants starting from 69 769. Most people would like to consider treating themselves with an Apple Pencil with a smart keyboard accessory and a new tablet – which helps with productivity while moving – which is a solid deal. You will receive 40 by purchasing an iPod mini.

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Finally, big bucks are available with the MacBook Pro. Treat yourself The 16-inch MacBook Pro and Apple will hand over the £ 160 gift card, Which is enough to keep you out with professional quality apps and jewelry. The same amount applies 21.5 inch iMac, Which starts at 0 1,099. Unfortunately, none of these are the latest machines powered by Apple’s custom custom M1 chipset, which doubles the MacBook Pro’s 13-inch battery life and raises the MacBook Air, thus competing with the MacBook Pro for the first time in years.

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