Robbie Williams thinks his number one favorite singles days are behind him

Robbie Williams thinks his number one favorite singles days are behind him


Production Error Clouds Oxford’s Govit-19 Vaccine Study Results

Oxford University and AstroGeneca acknowledged a production error on Wednesday that raises questions about the initial results of their test Covid 19 vaccine. A report describing the error came a few days after the company and the university described the footage as “very effective”, and did not mention anything about why some study participants did not receive the first vaccine in the two shots as expected. In a surprising finding, a group of low-dose volunteers seemed to be more protected than two full-size volunteers. In the low-dose group, AstraZeneca said the vaccine was 90 percent effective. In the group that received two full doses, the vaccine was 62 percent effective. Combined, the drugmakers said the vaccine was 70 percent effective, but the way companies came and announced the results led to pointed questions from experts. Area results announced Monday The major studies taking place in the UK and Brazil are designed to determine the optimal dose of the vaccine and to examine its safety and efficacy. Many combinations and doses were tried on volunteers, and they were compared with others given the meningitis vaccine or saline shot.

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