‘Nothing has changed’: Kremlin and Putin will not recognize President-elect Pita despite Trump’s announcement

'Nothing has changed': Kremlin and Putin will not recognize President-elect Pita despite Trump's announcement

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not recognize the victory of President-elect Joe Biden over Donald Trump in the 2020 US presidential election, despite Mr Trump ordering a change of administration to begin.

Earlier this week, the Russian president said he was waiting to “end the domestic political situation” before recognizing the president-elect.

On Tuesday, Russian media reported that the Kremlin had “nothing changed” despite Mr Trump ordering the federal agency to oversee the formal launch on Monday.

In Comments during an interview The Russian president, who aired on state television on November 22, withheld his congratulations to the president-elect, saying “there is no hidden motive, we like one, or we don’t like one.”

“We are waiting for the end of the domestic political situation,” he said, adding that his congratulations would not change the relationship between the two governments.

“You can’t ruin a broken relationship. It’s already spoiled, ”he said.

The Kremlin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday that the US president’s order to begin the transition process was “not enough.” According to Toss.

“In some states the reviews and reconsideration are still ongoing, without which the election results could not be officially announced,” he said.

The Public Service Administration, the federal body that oversees the change of president, recognized Mr Pitney as president-elect on Monday, marking the end of the president’s election challenge.

Mr Trump announced on Twitter that he had instructed GSA President Emily Murphy to move forward with change ethics in the “best interests” of the United States.

Following Mr Biden’s planned election college victory on November 9, after the results effectively sealed his victory from Pennsylvania, Mr Peskov said Russia would not congratulate a winner before the legal results were released – although Mr Putin immediately congratulated Mr Trump on the 2016 election before the results were certified.

“The current president has announced some legal procedures, so the situation is different and we think it is appropriate to wait for the official announcement,” Mr Peskov said earlier this month.

He added that there were “no announcements of legal challenges” in the 2016 election.

In 2016, Mr Putin was one of the first world leaders to congratulate then-candidate Trump. The Russian president issued a statement just hours after Hillary Clinton received the offer.

Voters from each state will gather at the Electoral College on December 14 to cast their ballots, following the voter certification from state election officials.

The president-elect will open on January 20.

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