Tigress Vs Toluca: Live Stream Online Updates (2-0) | 11/22/2020

9:52 PM7 minutes ago

Tigris 2-0 Toluca

9:47 PM13 minutes ago

Half time

Tigris 2-0 Toluca

9:45 PM14 minutes ago

Goal Tigress 2-0

9:44 PM15 minutes ago

43 ‘

Shot from outside to the gignock area going up

9:43 PM16 minutes ago

42 ‘

Rubens Free Throw It goes above the goal

9:42 PM17 minutes ago

41 ‘

Now it’s Pizarro’s fault, he’s painted yellow

9:41 PM19 minutes ago

Goal Tigress 1-0

9:38 PM22 minutes ago

36 ‘

Strong entry to the edge of the area and Gonzalez are wary

9:32 PM27 minutes ago

Saga’s fault

9:31 PM28 minutes ago

30 ‘

The karaoke shot is deflected and ends in a corner

9:30 PM29 minutes ago

29 ‘

Very bad Pizarro served for second position

9:26 PM33 minutes ago

25 ‘

Kignok wanted to look back, but was caught out of place

9:25 PM34 minutes ago

24 ‘

Free shot by the Tigers ending in the wrong end of Guido Pizarro

9:21 PM39 minutes ago

19 ‘

Saga and Louis Garcia go out of service for a while and hold the ball

9:18 PM41 minutes ago

17 ‘

Alexis Canelo is dirty and Tigress has to stop the ball from below

9:13 p.m.

12 ‘

Triverio was late with the diagonal, but no one closed the climb to the second position, and the danger was over

9:11 p.m.

10 ‘

Sakka removes two, including the goalkeeper, but the Tigers move very clearly sideways to the Tigers.

9:10 p.m.

8 ‘

Quinoa’s shot into Garcia’s hands as Saga steals the ball in midfield, and the play promises more

9:06 PMan hours ago

4 ‘

Wrong at Enrique Trevorio in midfield

9:05 PMan hours ago

3 ‘

Kignak’s shot was deflected, however Luis Garcia saves the ball into two parts

9:04 PMan hours ago

2 ‘

The Tigers played more of the ball on the field, so far without any danger in the goals

9:01 PMan hours ago

0 ‘

The Tigris vs. Toluca match begins

8:57 PMan hours ago

They jump on the field

Both Tigress and Toluca are now banging on in the MX League protocol

8:56 PMan hours ago

They will not be

It should be noted that Gaston Sauro and Michael Estrada did not make the trip with difficulty

8:54 PM hours ago

Leo Fernandez, in debt

Serria Leo Fernandez will not be in the opening game, however he will be able to avenge his former teammate in the second half, where he shone last season.

8:51 PMan hours ago

If Tolu wins …

If Toluca wins, it will face either Lyon or Puma in the group, depending on the last game of the claim.

8:49 PM before hours

If you beat Tigress

If Tigris wins, they will face either Cruz Azul or the United States in the league depending on Monterrey’s decision against Puebla.

8:43 pm

Rubens’ experience

8:39 p.m.

How the devils come

Toluga qualified for 11th place with 21 points from 6 wins, 3 draws and 8 defeats.

8:38 p.m.

Sixth place

Dykrus qualified in sixth place with 28 points and came within a point of getting a direct pass to the quarterfinals.

8:32 p.m.

Home results

Tigress equaled nine home games with four wins, four draws and one defeat, remembering they closed with two tracks against Juarez and Atlas and fell into the playoff zone.

8:30 p.m.

They are already hot

8:27 PM2 hours ago

XI Toluca

Garcia, Lopez, Mora, Maidana, Ortega; Gonzalez, da Silva, Sampusa, Rios; Triverio, Canello.

8:25 PM2 hours ago

XI Tigress

Guzman; Salsa, rice, mesa, karaoke; Pizarro, Rodriguez, Tunas, Louis Quinones, Julian Guinos, Gignok

8:10 PM2 hours ago

Now as a director

8:07 PM2 hours ago

Always on the field

Since the 3rd round of Clausura 2020, the French player Kignok has not missed a single game, as they are a starter in all of them, on this occasion when they face Toluca

8:05 PM2 hours ago

In gala uniform

8:02 PM2 hours ago

This is how they came to be

8:00 PM2 hours ago

We have started

The seventh guest is limited to the quarterfinals of the MX League. Tigris and Toluca will wage a fierce battle to win this playoffs. We start with coverage.

6:46 PM3 hours ago

Latest games

In this match, they faced each other on the 5th day, when Toluca won 3-2 at home, on that occasion, taking away the losing cats.

6:36 PM3 hours ago

The main player is Toluca

Despite missing some games this season due to the Corona virus, Argentina’s Punt Canalo was the top scorer with six goals, but he gives Scarlett a different level of play for the offense.

6:31 PM3 hours ago

The main player is the Tigers

Second best scorer this season, French Andre Pierre Gignock, Remembering that he scored 11 goals in the championship, he will try to increase the share of its goals in the final.

6:26 PM4 hours ago

Tigris Vs Toluca Referee

The referee in charge of this match is Fernando Hernandez Gomez.

6:21 PM4 hours ago

Last row Toluca

Garcia; Lopez, Ortega, Maidan, Mora, Gonzalez; Lopez, Rios, William; Canello, Estrada.

6:16 PM4 hours ago

Last row Tigress

`Guzman; Rodriguez, Reyes, Mesa, Salceto; Aquino, Dunas, Carioca, Quinones, Julian Quinones, Kignok.

6:11 PM4 hours ago

Toluca: Looking for grief

Considering the many ups and downs they have received, mainly as spectators they have only had one win, Diablos wants to surprise everyone and return to the post-Mexican football season. Their last game was a 2-2 draw against Lyon.

6:06 PM4 hours ago

Tigress: Duty to cross tonight

After they were disqualified at the last minute against Atlas, their list and in recent successful years, Tigress has an obligation to advance to Liquila, otherwise it will be considered a failure.

6:01 PM4 hours ago

Kickoff time

The Tigress vs Toluca Repsay match will be played at the Universitario Stadium in Nuevo Lyon. The kick-off is scheduled for ET at 8 p.m.

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