McDonald’s fans say ‘uncomfortable’ new burger on Christmas menu

McDonald's fans say 'uncomfortable' new burger on Christmas menu

Earlier this week McDonald unveiled their Christmas menu, which included celebrations of McFree and Jamaican jerk chicken sandwiches.

However, the item that catches people’s attention is Double Big Mac, which consists of four fritters, a slice of cheese, lettuce, onion, pickle and Big Mac sauce.

This is the biggest burger McDonald’s Sold so far, this is the first time it has been available in the UK.

Many fans of the fast food chain were excited to try the new burger and ran to their nearest branch to taste it.

However not everyone was impressed by this offering and some took to social media to criticize it.

Responds to a photo shared by the company Twitter People labeled the burger “embarrassing”.

They complained about the shortage Cheese And the sauce on the burger, which said it was “hell dried.”

Someone said: “A slice of cheese? Yes, it didn’t work for me.”

Another wrote: “Be right if that top burger isn’t going to be hell. There’s no sauce or cheese in them.”

The third replied: “Seriously though, a piece of cheese in the top half of that Big Mac is going to suffocate someone. Doesn’t it have cheese on top? Four pieces of it should be cheap.”

Another added: “Not funny McDonald’s, but it’s embarrassing to bring something new to the public without adding two new data ** Lazy thin burgers!”

Others complained that they had difficulty ordering the burger and that a regular Big Mac or double cheese burger was delivered in a double Big Mac box instead.

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One upset customer posted: “Really disappointed with my Dual Big Mac … it’s just a Big Mac in the Dual Big Mac box!”

Not everyone was disappointed by the burger, another user said they had one for themselves and it was “amazing”.

One second pointed out that you can easily add extra cheese and sauce to the burger – and it won’t cost you much.

“After ordering one of these, try placing ‘Extra Cheese’ and ‘Extra Big Mac Sauce’ in the customize menu.

“The latter also seems free.”

The Double Big Mac is now available from McDonald’s, available as a sandwich at 19 4.19, or as a side dish, and drink at 69 5.69.

Speaks The sun A McDonald’s spokesman said: “Our new Double Big Mac is an incredibly popular new release on our festive menu this year, and we are pleased with the positive response we have received so far.

“Like any menu item, customers can choose to customize their order, be it a slice of cheese, extra Big Mac sauce or pickles.”

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