Coronation Street Spoilers: Peter who discovered Carla’s fraudulent secret is destroyed

Coronation Street Spoilers: Peter who discovered Carla's fraudulent secret is destroyed

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Peter Barlow (Chris Coscoin) was heartbroken today (November 20) on Coronation Street after he discovered Carla Connor (Allison King) had cheated on him.

There was a big confrontation between Carla and Peter earlier this week, and with the promotion, an angry Peter told his partner she didn’t need him.

He was incredibly hurt by Carla’s harsh words, so he returned to the hotel he had been in before – causing an interest between him and Adam Barlow (Samuel Robertson).

Later, she became embroiled in guilt – when she heard that Peter was in the hospital from Johnny and Jenny (Richard Howley and Sally Ann Matthews), followed by a larger session.

Carla was supportive of Peter and apologized for what he had done to her.

However, she eventually came clean – revealing that she had cheated on him.

She avoided telling him that she was sleeping with Adam, but Peter was heartbroken.

However, he eventually realized that he could not live without her, so they both agreed to forgive each other.

But is Adam in danger of facing his wrath because Peter is determined to find the identity of the man Carla is sleeping with?

Coronation Street continues Monday, November 23 at 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm on ITV.

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