‘Splenky 2’ multiplayer mode for PC ready “in early December”

'Splenky 2' multiplayer mode for PC ready "in early December"

Spelanki2 Developer Mosmouth has announced that the game’s online multiplayer mode for PC may be ready “in early December.”

The developer shared the news one way or another New Steam update, They announced a potential release window for multiplayer online, while warning that continuing to run in the PS4 version of the title could delay the release of the mode. Back in September, when Spelanki2 Originally released for PC, the online multiplayer had to be delayed due to problems with the console mode.

“BlitWorks has already completed two of the three major upgrades already planned, and our current estimate of when it will be ready online is in early December,” it said. Describing its “legitimate approach” to multiplayer updating, Mosmouth said “significant improvements” have already been made to the PS4 version of multiplayer mode.

However, the developer added that the PS4 version will still require significant updates before the game is “where we want to be”. Mosmouth noted that the changes would require “additional testing” before release, and that PS4 issues would also affect the multiplayer player mode on the system.

“It is very important that we address these PS4 issues first so that we do not have to deal with multiple issues at once when it comes to PC online,” it added.

Credit: Evan Wilson / Mosmouth

Mosmouth said its comprehensive publishing support on the system also took time out of online multiplayer mode. Described by the developer Spelanki2 “More complex game than that [the original] By size, but its output was huge, which means there are a lot of ideas.

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“This work slows down growth online somewhat because working in a relatively small team is interdependent. Spelanki2, ”Mosmouth added. “Ultimately, all of this work is going in the same direction, because Spelanki2 A game in which different modes and systems are all intertwined. ”

Mosmouth has confirmed that it will be sharing additional updates on the game’s online multiplayer mode for PC in the coming weeks. Spelanki2 Currently available on PC and PS4.

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