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British Airways will test passengers before they fly from the US to the UK

British Airways has announced that it is testing passengers for COVID-19 in an effort to demonstrate the need to repeal Britain’s isolation policy.

Currently, due Corona virus Epidemic, some international travelers are coming to the country To be self-isolated For 14 days.

The Airlines It hopes that the data will prove that a test 72 hours before a flight is “strong”.

Atlantic flights are key to the success of British Airways

CEO Sean Doyle insists there have been “very few reports” of exchanges on commercial flights and that air travel is “safe”.

He also says the UK is “lagging behind” as countries like Germany are experimenting with reversing isolated measures.

B.A., a volunteer testing system with American Airlines, which covers hundreds of selected routes from the United States Mr Doyle says he will test Heathrow.

Passengers will be checked in three days before departure and three days after arriving at West London Airport.

Even if all three tests give negative results, they will still have to follow the existing isolation rules.

Those who test positive for the virus can modify their trip for free.

The pilot will cover selected routes from the United States to Heathrow
The pilot program includes selected routes from the United States to Heathrow

Testing for flights from New York, Los Angeles and Dallas will begin on November 25 – with other carriers joining the program in the coming weeks – British Airways has said it will share the results of the project with the UK and US governments.

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shops last month devised mechanisms to reduce the two-week self-isolation period of a task force by a “test and release rule”, which still includes an isolated period of one week.

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Mr Doyle said it was not enough for air travel to return to where it was in 2019.

“It hasn’t been greatly reduced,” he said.

“Without the pre-flight test rule, we would be locked into a stop-start cycle where consumers are not clear about what the rules of the game are and will not be in a position to travel with confidence.”

The latest “best news” about the potential, he said Corona antiviral drugs “We must not go the way of really dealing with the problems we have to deal with now.”

“We have access to testing that does not really deviate from the testing capabilities of health care providers,” he said.

“We have facilities set up in Heathrow, so the solution is looking us in the face. I think we need policy clarity.”

Changes in the positions of governments exempt from the isolation requirement are usually announced 35 hours before the new rules take effect.

Atlantic flights are key to the success of British Airways.

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Prior to the outbreak, BA and American Airlines flew 111 flights a week from London to New York, but this has dropped to just 14.

IAG, the parent company of British Airways, reported a pre-tax loss of 6.2 billion euros (6.6 billion) for the first nine months of September.

This compares with a pre-tax profit of 2. 2.3 billion (2. 1.1 billion) over the same period a year ago.

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