Cardiff Leisure Review “Not signaling closures” Risk raised to red

Cardiff Leisure Review "Not signaling closures" Risk raised to red

A review of leisure centers in Cardiff did not “indicate closures”, although the council raised the risk of “service delivery” in red.

The study comes after a non-profit organization that runs eight leisure centers across the city sought $ 1.1 million in bail from Cardiff Council.

Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) has sought financial assistance from the board to deal with the impact of the corona virus infection as member incomes have plummeted.

Councilor Peter Bradbury, a cabinet member for culture and leisure, responded to concerns on social media that the recently announced review could mean the closure of leisure centers.

During an Economic and Cultural Review Committee meeting, Cllr Bradbury stressed that the review “does not refer to a gateway that allows us to close private leisure centers”, but rather “an honest assessment of the situation by GLL and [the council] Find us ”.

He said: “GLL is a national public social organization.

“They have not been able to get some of the business support that other businesses have. Looking at the nationwide picture of leisure centers across the UK, there is a crisis over the loss of income due to the epidemic.

“It’s been a tough time for retirees, but we’re not in a vacuum: it’s a nationwide issue.”

After halving the number of people going to leisure centers in the summer compared to last year, GLL will review how members can be withdrawn.

Meanwhile, the council is raising the risk around leisure centers in red, which means “a major or significant impact” on the long-term sustainability of the contract and the continuation of service delivery, according to a report to the Cabinet next week.

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Councilors on the review team questioned GLL service leaders Killer Bradbury and Rice Jones in a public meeting in Cardiff on November 5.

However, when the GLL was discussed, members of the public and reporters were expelled from the meeting.

Cllr Bradbury said: “This information is commercially confidential, so it is only in the eyes of council members, not members of the public – but we have nothing to hide.

“It’s true that this is the financial debate we are going through, which is not ready for public view.”

After the firebreak lockdown was completed, the GLL-run leisure centers reopened on Monday, November 9th.

Gyms have removed some of the equipment to allow for social distance, and some classes have been moved to gymnasiums or outdoors.

Cllr Rice Taylor, chairman of the Cardiff Council’s Liberal Democrats group, welcomed the review, but warned in advance of part of the problems with the GLL.

He added: “GLL faces financial challenges due to the epidemic – a challenge facing businesses and community groups across Cardiff – but all stops must be pulled, so services are not reduced.”

Liberal Democrat Senate candidate Killer Rodney Berman said: “Cardiff leisure centers were only partially open during the summer, when early locks and resorts across Wales were forced to close by firebreak in the fall.

“At a time when people were eager to go back to swimming pools and socially distance fitness classes, the offer offered by GLL was very low, thus reducing the income they could earn.”

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