Bruno Fernandez took midfield traces from Michael Carrick

Bruno Fernandez took midfield traces from Michael Carrick

“It’s unbelievable how much new and sharp exercises he does with us, I’m talking to Fred, I’m going to tell him, hey, look at what he’s playing, do the same, but I thought it’s unfair, so I did not say it did! But it was amazing – outside If someone from came to see the training, no one would say that this guy is not playing on the team.

“He’s a player of pass quality. He always helps us with the balls when we have to do some finishing or passing exercises. I learn a lot from him. He’s one of the people I want to hear because he’s a great player, he’s won a lot of trophies for the club. Won, for me you have to learn from these players. ”

Fernandez said he also saw Joao Moutinho, a Portuguese team-mate who is now with the Wolves, to help with his craft training.
“I admire Sholes a lot, but for me in Portugal at the time, when the Sholes were playing at his best, it was hard for us to watch English football because, for me at the time it was better than Paul Scholes or Andres Iniesta or Zinedine Zidane or Andrea Birlow to watch Bara. It was easy.

“Ma out Dinho and Garrick are players who can teach you how to be smart and how to be smart in the game. Maybe they’re not players who watch and tell kids, I want to be like Michael Carrick, but when you’re one on the team, the guy never does. You know he will not miss a pass, you know he will be smart and pass, most of the time he will make the right decision, you need these types of players.

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