Eva Mendes shared a graphic photo of her beauty treatment

Eva Mendes shared a graphic photo of her beauty treatment
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The actress of her latest beauty routine ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ gave an honest look on her Instagram page and posted a picture of herself getting a jaw tightening treatment called ‘mono-threading’.

Eva Mendes He went seriously to maintain his youthful appearance. The actress who honestly looks at her latest beauty routine, the actress who portrays the sandalsInspiration or soulHe shared on social media a graphic photo of himself receiving a jaw tightening treatment called “mono-threatening”.

The 46-year-old posted the picture on Instagram on Thursday, November 12th. The photo showed her lying down with seven needles with threads inserted under her cheek. “This spa-home away from home is incredible! No office with bad fluorescent lighting. No sterile office vibrations,” she wrote when advertising the beauty villa Vergara by Dr Mariana Vergara, an aesthetician from Beverly Hills.

“This is my journey of beauty for all. A home where you can relax while being tortured by the best. This is my happy place! Here I get some mono-threads,” said the longtime partner. Ryan Gosling She told me about the beauty treatment she got. “Aw Dios! I’ll update with results if you worry.”

Location beyond the pines“The actress’ post stunned her followers and fans. !! !! This is so much fun. I hope ur ok …. I was shocked. “Especially when someone asked, ‘Does it hurt?’ “It prompted the actress to clarify,” Not really surprising! My threshold for pain is low! Sounds more aggressive than that. ”

In response to the comment “I believe ur ok”,Ghost RiderThe star expressed his amusement, “You made me laugh because this would have been my reaction!” But rian Marianal Vergara is so talented, I honestly don’t know. He added, “Then when she told me how many people I didn’t trust, I told her to take a picture. This is not the film planned. I do not like physical pain! I do not like needles! This is a big deal to me! ”

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IG comment by Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes responded to fan comments about her beauty treatment.

Eva’s dermatologist who performed the procedure, Dr. Marina, said People Mono-threads are made from “well-absorbent polydioxanone” material and are “inserted into the skin in a mesh – like shape to achieve maximum tightening effects.” He elaborated, “This procedure is very less invasive and patients usually have mild discomfort. I use numbing cream before placing them.”

“It gives immediate results, but even better results are seen after three months as your body produces collagen,” the doctor further assured. “These threads will dissolve in six to nine months, but the effect will last up to eighteen months due to stimulation of collagen and elastin.”

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