[VIDEO] Derek returns to Patrick Dempsey Greek anatomy – Season 17

[VIDEO] Derek returns to Patrick Dempsey Greek anatomy - Season 17

For the most part Gray physique Actors and crew were kept in the dark about the surprising arrival of Patrick Dempsey as the late Derek Shepherd at the end of Season 17 premiere on Thursday. In fact, it led them to believe it Another Loving character that Meredith meets on that beach.

“I put the name ‘Ellis Gray’ in the script we read on the table,” revealed Schorner Christa Vernoff. Deadline, Refers to Meredith’s mother, played by former cast member Kate Burton. “I was [Ellen Pompeo] Say ‘Mom’ at the table. So we got there that day and no one was told what was going on… I was like a crazy fan with this secret. Everybody and I spend hours at night asking, ‘Who knows?’

As mentioned in our premiere recap, amidst the stress and tough times of the epidemic, Meredith Hospital was found to have collapsed in the parking lot. As colleagues rushed to her side, Meredith, dressed in white, looked at the beautiful beach where she was in the cool open air. Then a second figure appeared on the shore – her girlfriend, the dead McDreamy (see moment above).

“I have to say this is an epic achievement, keeping this secret,” Vernoff admitted. “I did not send cuts to the studio and network that covered that last scene. I have not had the writers ‘assistants in the writers’ room for the past two months. There were writers on that staff who did not know we were doing this. Most of the actors did not know that we were doing this. . ”

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Meanwhile, Dempsey’s comeback will expand into next week’s episode, confirming Vernoff, “This is more than just a scene you’ve seen.”

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