New £ 10 Universal Credit Phone Deal offers unlimited data, texts and calls every month

New £ 10 Universal Credit Phone Deal offers unlimited data, texts and calls every month

After being hit hard by the epidemic, many Britons have been unable to afford things like mobile phones and heating.

Some may think mobile phones are a ‘luxury’, but in the midst of a growing epidemic of loneliness and mental health issues, many see them as an essential item.

As a result, a network provider wants to ensure that the most financially struggling people in the UK can stay connected with their loved ones throughout the epidemic, and have introduced the Phone 10 phone package for Universal Credit claims that include unlimited data. , Calls and texts.

Voxi – which has introduced a new deal – said job seekers who receive benefits that have been tested in some way, such as pay, can sign up for the first price plan today.

The “now” fee for using Vodafone’s network is available to job seekers’ pay, employment and support payments, or those with employment-based Universal Credit.

This is a SIM-only pricing plan, which means you can use it with your current device and not have to pay extra for additional services.

The plan is available for up to six months and can be taken out at any time before January 31st Voxi website.

To apply, you must prove certain qualifications – and claim – Glass.

As a result, you will need to upload a picture of your Universal Credit Statement or a letter from the Department of Employment and Pensions, confirming that you have state support.

Voxy says customers will be checked in immediately, which means you don’t have to wait to check.

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Since this is a monthly rolling contract you do not have to do a credit check that can be canceled at any time.

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