Britney Spears ‘Father and Defender Fear Jamie Spears’

Britney Spears 'Father and Defender Fear Jamie Spears'

Britney and Jamie Spears

Britney wants to remove her father from the Conservative position (Picture: Rex – Getty)

Britney Spears will never perform again when she has control over her father’s life, a court has heard.

Jamie Spears was in charge of a conservatory that controlled his daughter’s life, career and expenses for 12 years, and Britney’s legal committee has called for her to be suspended as her guardian.

At a hearing this week, Los Angeles High Court Judge Brenda Penny heard that Princess Bob was ‘afraid’ of her father.

His lawyer, Samuel de Ingham III, said: ‘My client told me he was afraid of his father.

‘If her father was in charge of her business she would never perform again.’

Ingham said Britney had not spoken to her father for some time and that the 38-year-old was a ‘high-performing conservative’ who deserved to see the action her father took and refused to provide it.

Britney Spears

Britney is in the interval from 2019 (Picture: C Flanigan / Film Magic)

Jamie’s lawyer Vivian Lee Thorin said that his only motivation was ‘unconditional love for his daughter and a strong desire to protect her from those who tried to exploit her’ and that there was no evidence to support my client. Suspension ‘.

Thorine objected to Ingam’s claims about Jamie’s relationship with Britney, and noted that Britney’s net worth had risen to $ 60 million ($ 45 million).

Judge Penny refused to suspend Jamie as Conservator, but said he would consider future petitions for suspension or removal.

The Bessemer Trust, a corporate trust, has, at Britney’s request, been appointed co-custodian over his garden with his father.

In the documents, however, Britney argued that her father had no intention of working with the Bessemer Foundation and that he ‘should retain full operational control of his assets, books and records in the face of Britney’s objections.’

#FreeBritney protest out (Image: Ringo Chiu / Zuma Wire / REX)

Britney did not attend the hearing, and lawyers and parents attended by phone and video call.

The #FreeBritney protests took place outside the court, with large fans holding signs calling for the release of the toxic singer from the post of Conservator.

A large number of socially distant fans appeared inside the court wearing masks.

Struggles have intensified over the past few months Britney thanked fans who have been silent for years about the Conservatoire.

Jamie Spears was given full control of his daughter’s property in 2008 after the singer suffered a spontaneous mental illness.

The Conservatory was supposed to end a year later, but it has continued ever since.

Britney argued with her longtime caretaker couple Jodi Montgomery, who briefly turned Jamie into a conservator last year, making him a permanent defender.

The singer has been on ‘indefinite work break’ since January 2019, canceling her Las Vegas residency when her father was unwell.

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