Bella Hadid, Meryl Streep, and many others join Pet Midler’s Grandmothers ‘Focus Focus’ Reunion

Bella Hadid, Meryl Streep, and many others join Pet Midler's Grandmothers 'Focus Focus' Reunion

The Halloween spirit is alive and well in Pet Midler. Not only did the actor create one of the greatest Halloween films of all time, Focus Focus, But every year, he hosts a Halloween party. Dubbing Hulawin, The event attracts a circle of her star-studded friends for a party that requires costumes.

What to do this year, when the trick or treat was basically canceled and meetings of big people were a scary thought? Provide his Hulawine benefit of supporting the New York Reconstruction Project – an organization dedicated to creating lush spaces in unnoticed areas of the city – almost.

Instead of a ghost and goblin-filled costume party in New York, this year Hulawine is a perfect cinematic product streamed around the world. Directed by Sean Palmer, the hour-long show turned out to be a documentary-style hunt for those three sister witches. Focus Focus. In the film, they rise from the dead before good and evil prevail, and they disappear again. The Wicked Trio is made up of Winifred Sanderson (played by a cupid-in-the-lipstick-Midler), Sarah Sanderson (played by wild-eyed Sarah Jessica Parker), and Mary Sanderson (Doll-for-Nails for the mock Najimi). They hunted the children together when they chanted “Little children, come on”. Spinal tingling.

Despite their devil, they failed. The 1993 film sequel was not only in the works, but was dedicated to the resurrection of three sleep witches by Mitler’s hour-long digital feast. The title of the show, which began at eight o’clock, was the title of the show In Search of the Sanderson Sisters: Acquisition of a Hocus Focus Hulawine

This is 60 minutes of obvious militancy. Audiences saw celebrities filmed in confession and interview style cameos – tell the stories of the Sanderson sisters. Some (Meryl Streep) played themselves and shared fantasies of meeting with the Sanderson sisters. Others (Glen Close) S.S. Hosted the show Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Cassandra Peterson), which eventually ended with the revival of the sisters. It was even better with all the famous looks like Mariah Carey, Billy Crystal, Jamie Lee Curtis, George Lopez, Martin Short, Sarah Silverman, John Stamos, Tiffany Hadith, Bella Hadid, Michael Kors, Lance Lou. Pere, and La Roche. In addition, there were musical moments by Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson and Dodrick Hall. See all of the best cameos below.

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