Boris Johnson imposes one-month lockdown in UK over 1 million COVID cases

Boris Johnson imposes one-month lockdown in UK over 1 million COVID cases

As the United Kingdom crossed the milestone of 1 million COVID-19 cases, Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered the UK to be sent back to a national lockout, and scientists warned that the virus would spread faster than their worst predictions.

Ahead of a press conference held urgently on Mr Johnson Downing Street after a locked news leak to the local media, the government said the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases had risen from 21,915 to 1,011,660 in the past day.

The United Kingdom, which has the largest official death toll in Europe from COVID-19 (more than 46,000 deaths), is embroiled in more than 20,000 new corona virus cases a day, and scientists warn that the death toll could exceed 80,000. .

Mr Johnson ordered the country to reopen “from Thursday until early December”.

He held a cabinet meeting on Saturday (local time) after government scientists warned that the eruption was heading in the wrong direction, and said action was needed to prevent the virus from spreading if families hoped families would reunite at Christmas.

“In this country, alas, throughout much of Europe, the virus is spreading faster than the reasonably bad situation of our scientific advisers,” he said.

“[Their] If the models do not work we can see several thousand deaths a day in this country, which is a bigger death rate than what we saw in April. “

He said some hospitals would be there in a few weeks if they were not operational now.

There are a lot to come.

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