A meteorite was discovered from Mars in the Sahara Desert …

The discovery of a meteorite from Mars in the Sahara Desert...

According to the British Daily Mail, planetary scientists are well aware that the Red Planet has had water for at least 3.7 billion years.

But given the predetermined age of NWA 7533 and its newly discovered mineral composition, researchers have now speculated that water may have existed 700,000 years before that estimate.

This suggests that if there had been more water on Mars than thought, it might have been a natural by-product of some of the processes at the beginning of the planet’s formation.

This will help answer the question of the origin of water, which will affect theories about the origin of extraterrestrial life.

Scientists revealed in 2013 that NWA 7533 is 4.4 million years old, making it the oldest existing Mars meteorite.

“Our NWA 7533 samples were subjected to four different types of spectroscopy and chemical fingerprint detection methods, and we found strong evidence for magma oxidation,” said Takashi Mikuchi, lead professor of research at the University of Tokyo.

Igneous rocks, or rocks shattered in a meteorite, are formed from magma, which is usually caused by shock and oxidation. This oxidation could have occurred if there was water on the surface of Mars or 4.4 billion years ago.

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