Untitled photos by Tom Holland and Nolan North

Uncharted Photos Feature Tom Holland and Nolan North

Untitled photos by Tom Holland and Nolan North

In Nolan North, known as the voice of Nathan Drake Unmarked Games, picked up Instagram Reveal the first official photos from the long-awaited movie adaptation of Sony Pictures hit video game rights. A photo also reveals that North was able to view the set of the film featuring North with Tom Holland, who is Nathan Drake of the live-action film. See full Unmarked BDS Photos with Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake’s First Look While Playing In A Game Precise Attire!

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Set to run Zombieland And Poison Director Ruben Fleischer, Unmarked Will be a precursor to the game series, taking its basis from its core Unmarked 3: Drake’s fraud In it the young thief Nathan Drake (Holland) first meets his partner Victor Sullivan (Mark Wallberg), who, in essence, sets the events for full game ownership.

Academy Award nominee Antonio Banderas joins Tom Holland and Mark Wallberg (Zoro’s mask, Pain and glory), Gray physique Actress Sofia Ali and Sabrina’s Chilling Adventures Star Daddy Gabriel.

Based on the action-adventure video game Unmarked: Drake’s luck Naughty dog ​​and Sony Interactive, The story follows the descendants of the treasure hunter Nate Drake, Sir Francis Drake, who is believed to have learned from the cursed gold statue of the location of the South American gold city of El Dorado. The search becomes more competitive when a rival hunter joins the field, and then it increases as the creatures – actually the mutant descendants of the Spaniards and Nazis – begin to attack those who want to know the real secrets of the treasure.

The film is set to release on July 16, 2021.

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Unmarked An Arad / Atlas Entertainment product produced by Charles Rowan, Avi Arad, Alex Gardner and Ari Arad. The film will be the first feature to be produced by PlayStation Productions.

Despite earlier drafts by the likes of Mark Paul (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty), Oscar nominee David O. Russell, Dr. StrangeThomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, Safe houseThe new script for the screenplay was written by David Kugenheim and Joe Carnahan by Raf Jutkins, Art Markham and Matt Holloway.

Travis Knight became the sixth director to leave the project in its decade-long development cycle, directly linked to Russell and Neil Burger (Unlimited), Seth Garden (Baywatch), Shawn Levy (Free hand), And Don Tradsenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane).

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