Houston Rockets Head Coach Search: Tyrone Low Gets Steam As Next Head Coach, A Report

Houston Rockets Head Coach Search: Tyrone Low Gets Steam As Next Head Coach, A Report

Tyrone Reid Gets “significant speed” Houston rockets‘Head Training Vacancy, Tuesday morning ESPN. Lou interviewed Houston rockets And is still considered a candidate for change Doc Rivers With Los Angeles Clippers. Lou had a meeting with the owner and management team of the Rockets on Monday, which put him at the top of their list.

Lou was an assistant Clippers Before the team is eliminated in the second round of the 2020 playoffs. LA split with the Rivers and left a clear path for Lou to take charge. He was one of the few coaches to win a championship in 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers. His last head coaching kick was in Cleveland, however he was considered Philadelphia 76ers Work a few weeks ago before the rivers took over.

Never really considered an X and OS type coach, Lou had a good relationship with players after being a player in the NBA from 1998-2009, playing for seven teams in the process. He has been around the league a lot and has soaked up knowledge from countless coaches and players. Lou knows what it’s like to manage so many all-star personalities since his time LeBron James And Kyrie Irving. It will attract rockets that are clear James Horton And Russell Westbrook.

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