Cowboys vs Giants Score: Duck Prescott leaves with injury at the end of the season, but Dallas marches to victory

Cowboys vs Giants Score: Duck Prescott leaves with injury at the end of the season, but Dallas marches to victory

While the Dallas Cowboys could have won 37-34 against the visiting New York Giants, there is no doubt that they will have to fight the emotions when thinking about what happened to Doug Prescott. Statistically for the historic start of the year, the only thing stopping the Cowboys were defense and attack revenue. No player in NFL history has ever done so in the first four games of the season, throwing over 450 yards in these last three games, but it was only when he landed on a run that things went so well at AT&T Stadium against the Giants. Prescott’s right ankle was caught between the ground and the defender.

The Cowboys announced a joint fracture and dislocation in their star quarterback after the game, and he was scheduled for surgery early Sunday evening. The absence of Prescott put the game in Andy Dalton’s hands, and the player was signed for a situation like this, but there were fewer contradictions than he always needed – Prescott considers he has never missed a game in his four-year career.

According to Sportsline data scientist Stephen O’Brien, the overall downfall of the Cowboys’ success ranges from 7.4 to just 6.2, and the odds of winning the division fall sharply from 54.5 percent to 33.1 percent. It will be up to Dalton to figure out how to use the weapons around him to rebuild his broken NFL brand, overcoming the contradictions in the process.

The game will be defined by what happened to Prescott, and there are still a few things to analyze. Just as Jason Garrett returned to Dallas, their first four trips per unit turned into a mushroom cloud averaging only 11.75 points. But against the historically worst Cowboys offense, they amassed 27 points (defense adds a DD of their own), which is usually the recipe for loss in Dallas. Sunday was not like that, however, as the Giants did not respond to the defense with a CD Lamb or Michael period delay so their second-placed young cowboys were put to work by the broadcasters.

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The Giants fell 0-5, and the Cowboys regained some control for 2-3, after another wild clash between the two.

Why the Cowboys won


There was no other way to describe how they climbed out of the 14-3 hole, and then continued to win after seeing Prescott come out with a terrible ankle injury. The team simply said it never died, and Andy Dalton had to deal with his own lost stumbling block that was enough to nail the rally to Greg Jurlane, the second game winner of the season. Prescott’s contact with CD Lamb in the first half was a torture chamber for the Giants’ second, and Dalton’s contact with Michael Kahl for the same purpose in the fourth quarter – Giants training staff can only turn the screws with horror.

It was another high-scoring trip for the Cowboys offense, but this time the defense was good enough for them to win. It wasn’t pretty, but again, it was enough.

Why the Giants lost

It’s not because of Jason Garrett, that’s for sure.

Garrett’s return to Dallas was interesting, as he usually scored 34 points for the oldest Giants offense. The former Cowboys head coach dug deep into his game book, and there are many things you can point out to explain the loss, but keep that bullshit out of the car. Daniel Jones played brilliantly, but there were no touchdown passes, which were created for the empty 129 receiving yards from Darius Slaten. The Giants won the time of possession battle, but the worst mistakes buried them again and again.

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After appearing by three points, the dummy field goal attempt could not be mentioned, it worked efficiently, but was called back due to a penalty. It left four points on the field. But in the end, they found a way to “kick out” the cowboys who refused to be the worst safe on the field on Sunday.

Turning point

Prescott caught his first NFL touchdown to finish the Cowboys with a 24-20 lead in the first half, you could probably call it the “Arlington Special”. This play really helped to convince Dallas that victory was possible, and they did.


Michael Caleb is not a man, it is a fact. He made not one, but two wonderful catches to seal the Cowboys victory, which is an inhumane.


JG emptied the bucket

“Jason Garrett calls the game of his life.” – NFL Insider Damon A. Salvador

What’s next

The Cowboys now face dangerous Arizona cardinals in “Monday Night Football”, while the Giants return home to host the Washington football team.

You may have missed all the highlights and action from you in the live blog below.

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