Corona virus back in China: Qingdao’s entire city tested after 12 Govt-19 cases detected

Corona virus back in China: Qingdao's entire city tested after 12 Govt-19 cases detected

Beijing – of China 56 day Corona virus clean streak Is broken. Six people with symptoms and another six people have been tested for the virus without it COVID-19 In a city, the response is dramatic.

All of these cases are linked to the only hospital, Qingdao Chest Hospital, in Qingdao, on the east coast of China. The city health commission broke the news to Chinese social media site Weibo, saying the hospital, 250 miles southeast of Beijing, had been closed.

Qingdao has a population of about 9 million, more than twice the size of New York City and Los Angeles, and authorities are now working to test each one. They are determined to complete that process by this weekend – a remarkable achievement, but not unexpected in China.

Medical workers in safety cases collect clothes for nuclear acid tests in Qingdao
On October 12, 2020, medical workers in safety cases collect clothes for nuclear acid tests during a city-wide trial following the new corona virus case (COVID-19) in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China.


Photos and video show citizens making rounds on social and state-run media being tested.

Authorities in Wuhan, which has a relatively large population, tested all of its citizens in just 10 days earlier this year, which dealt with a resurgence of the virus.

For many, the news of new lawsuits, even after nearly two months, may come as little surprise. The entire country recently returned to work after an 8-day national holiday, which saw millions of Chinese.

This is the first major holiday where the corona virus infection has been brought under control here. About 637 million trips were made during the National Day break. Looking at this, it is almost equal to every American making two trips at the same time.

Dangerous spike of COVID-19 cases across the U …


After being stuck at home for most of this year, people bought plane and train tickets and caused congestion on the highways.

In the grand scheme of things, the new cases in Qingdao are just a small flaw in China’s officially announced corona virus numbers. The World Health Organization, which relies on data provided by the Chinese government, has recorded just 91,000 COVID-19 infections and less than 5,000 deaths in China.

Critics say China’s reported number is too low – a reasonable criticism in a country known for covering up bad news.

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