Check out Phil Barry’s controversial ‘SNL’ monologue

Check out Phil Barry's controversial 'SNL' monologue

Bill Burr is known for pushing envelopes in his stand-up activity, never putting any title on stage.

Canton’s origins were no different when it came to presenting “Saturday Night Live,” which led some viewers to angrily tweet their dissatisfaction.

The comedian jokingly said that the month of Pride (June) should be less than the month of black history (February).

“It’s a little long, don’t you think? For a group that has never been enslaved? ”Said Burr. “How did they get there in June? Black people were really enslaved, they get February. They get 28 days of cloudy weather. The sun goes down at 4pm, everyone is shivering, no one wants to go to the parade.”

While many found Burrin’s jokes funny and defended the comedian as someone who would make fun of everyone and everything, some said he would change the channel.

Appropriately, Burr predicted that his jokes would “cancel” him during his monopoly, and then incited against the culture of cancellation. In particular, Burr mocked the recent Twitter campaign to “cancel” the late movie star John Wayne over racist comments he made in a 1970 Playboy interview.

“They’re really running people to cancel. They’m following the dead now,” Burr said. “They’re trying to cancel John Wayne. Yes dude, God did it 40 years ago.”

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