Yankees vs. Race Score: Clipper Torres and Luke White Homer, New York Weapons Force ALDS Game5

Yankees vs. Race Score: Clipper Torres and Luke White Homer, New York Weapons Force ALDS Game5

The New York Yankees will play another day. On Thursday night at Petco Park, the Yankees won the series by two games (NY 5, TB 1) than Tampa Bay Rays in Game 4 of the ALDS. Decisive Game 5 will be played Friday night. The winner moves to face the Astros at ALCS. The loser goes home.

Jordan Montgomery and ace relievers Chad Green, Zack Britain and Aroldis Chapman won the race by one run and three wins in Game 4, and the Yankees got home runs from Luke Voight (solo) and Clipper Torres (two runs) in real time. Deleting. With some late insurance runs, the game seems more one-sided than the final score given. It was tight all over.

Here are three examples from Game 4.

Montgomery gave the Yankees what they needed

The pitch other than Gerid Cole has been a real problem for the Yankees this post season. Their non-goal Hurlers allowed 25 runs in 31 innings into Game 4, and they delivered the ball to left-hander Jordan Montgomery with their season. He had a 5.11 era in the regular season.

Montgomery gave the Yankees what they needed. He held the race for one run in four innings and danced around the danger in the third and fourth innings (two runners per innings). Understandably, the Yankees did not allow Montgomery for the third time. They took all four innings and ran.


After Montgomery got them in four innings, the Yankees were able to turn the game into their high-alien relievers. Chad Green retired with six batters he faced, Zack Britain withdrew five batters he faced, and Aroldis Chapman walked a thunderbolt down the path to four out saves.

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After allowing at least seven runs and at least three homers in post-back-to-back games for the first time in licensing history in Game 2-3, New York’s pitch staff blocked the rays in Game 4. Realistically, not a way to force a game 5 without a great pitch, and four pitchers delivered it on Thursday.

This crime made some short history

Following Luke White’s solo home run to open the scoring, the Yankees raced against opener Ryan Thompson with no outs, but DJ Lemahiu managed only one run to fly the sacrifice. It felt like a great opportunity for them to finally regret it.

The Yankees were able to develop that route until the sixth inning, when Clipper Torres provided insurance with a two-run home from the Western Metal Supply Building on the left field. He now has five professional post-season home runs, more closely linked to Mickey Mandle by a Yankee before his 24th birthday.

Giancarlo Stanton did not go deep in Game 4 – he hit six homers in New York’s first five post-season games – but he doubled to the wall on the left field. He is now the first player in MLP history with an extra base in a postseason in each of his first six games.

Also, Lemahiu started Game 4 with an infield single, extending his postseason hitting streak to 12 games. It precedes last year’s ALCS ‘Game 1 and is linked to the third longest post – season hit streak in Yankees history:

  1. Hong Boyer: 17 games (1956-58)
  2. Derek Jetter: 17 Games (1998-99)
  3. Derek Jetter: 12 games (2001-01)
  4. Bernie Williams: 12 matches (2003-04)
  5. DJ Lemahiu: 12 Games and Counting (2019-present)
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Torres, Stanton and Lemahiu made history in Game 4. Short history, but history nonetheless. Most importantly for the Yankees, they all contributed to a win and forced a Game 5.

We get a game 5

It may only be in LDS. The Astros and Braves have already stabbed their ticket to the LCS, and the Dodgers are leading the series 2-0 over the Patros. Game 5 Friday Night. This will be the Gerid goal for the Yankees in the short term. Rays confronts their Game 2 starter, Tyler Glasno, in a situation where Tampa has all the weapons.

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