You can try 5 PUBG Mobile Lite alternatives in the Google Play Store

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Updated: October 7, 2020 at 4:04:34 pm

PUBG Light Alternatives, PUBG Light Banned, Stickman Free Fire Survival Battlefield, PVP Shooting Battle 2020, Cover Fire, Scarfall: The Royal Combat, Swag ShooterCoverfire has a rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store

PUBG Mobile Lite has been banned in India for more than a month with 117 Chinese applications. After the ban, Tencent-owned Battle Royale game has a lot of options for mobile gamers to play, but is a tough one. There are many Battle Royale games in the Google Play Store, you can try from the popular banned game.

Scarfall: Royal Combat

Scarfall is a basic war royal game. You can play with your team (four players) or pick only opponents. Deathmatch mode is also available. You can play online or offline. The graphics are not too much, which means this game can be easily played on entry level gaming phones. It takes up 353MB of space on your smartphone and has a four star rating after over a million downloads.

Close the fire

The cover fire does not take up much space but has the best graphics on this list. Offline gaming allows the user to explore a range of different modes and missions. The story mode with devastating scenarios that you can take advantage of makes the game even more appealing. The controls are a little different. It has a rating of 4.5 after over 50 million downloads. This will take up 338MB of space on your smartphone.

Swag shooter

The Swag shooter has a very PUBG light vibration, but the graphics are not something you can impress. It has basic Battle Royale mode and allows you to team up with friends in Survival mode. Fun elements of the game include getting on a train and ‘swagger’ power to help spot enemies and escape from the storm. It has a four star rating after over a million downloads. It only takes up 168MB of storage on your smartphone.

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PVP Shooting War 2020

You can play this game online or offline. You can see the fire coming out of the guns as the opponent shoots it. The graphics will not impress you again, but they will be decent for the place this game takes. There are plenty of maps to keep you engaged for a while. PVP Shooting Battle takes up just 88MB of space on a smartphone. It has a four star rating after over a million downloads.

Stickman Battle Royale

This game is not a well known game on the list, but it is a fun game. Don’t expect too much with the graphics, but this is a guarantee that you can play this game on an entry level budget phone or even those launched many years ago. The Stickman Battle Royal takes up 35MB of space on a smartphone. Ratings are as low as 3.7, but it has more than a million downloads.

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