Sounders vs. White Caps, Recap: Breaking the bunker

Sounders vs. White Caps, Recap: Breaking the bunker

After finishing a little better, Seattle Sounders could have taken another seven places. Instead, they must settle for their seventh multi-goal win of the season Vancouver White Caps 3-1 Saturday.

Joao Paulo and Raul Ruidias’ goals were in addition to an own goal, while only one Sounders What is allowed is a very questionable sentence. Sounders possessed almost 70% and fired out White Caps 22-3, failed to change some of their best chances.

8 ‘- Ali Adnan sees Lucas Cavallini entering the box, but Stephen Free Able to make a save on a near-distance shot.

26 ‘- Nicholas Lodero Put on an amazing free kick that found Raul Ruidas. His open title went a little too wide.

34 ‘- Lodiro discovered Jordan Morris In the back post, but his title went wide.

45 + 1 – Jono Paulo sets Lodero for a volleyball from about 20 yards out on a corner kick. Lodero made solid contact, but Meredith remained Diving can save.

46 ‘- Jono Paulo collects a poor clearance 25 yards out, takes a touchdown to settle it, and then drops Meredith inside the winning post. The queue began with the passing of Leertham Christian Roldan, Who freed himself before being crucified. Although a pair of Sounders almost came to its end, … it was Joao Paulo’s second goal of the season, and now he has scored or assisted in four of the last five games. 1-0

53 ‘- A few minutes later, Roldan hits another goal when he hits the net with a cross from defender Eric Kodo towards Ruidiaz. 2-0

59 ‘- The Sounders quickly added a third goal when they saw Rudias alone in front of the goal of the cross from a Lodero corner kick that appeared to be deflected from Modis’ back. 3-0

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62 ‘- Referee Timothy Ford tries to turn the match around by giving an indescribably very questionable penalty, but Yemer Gomez Andrade shows a red card, implicitly for Toxo. VAR wisely demanded a second look. Although Gavalini appeared to be starting to make contact outside the box, Ford determined that Gomez Andrat’s back foot attacker had fallen and was fined when he turned the red card yellow. Freddie Montero then converted the penalty. 3-1

68 ‘- Janio Pickel shown a Red card After missing a problem and effectively stomping Gustav SvenssonStomach.

72 ‘- Gomez Andrade badly matched an attempted volley, but it went to Lodero, who was unmarked 10 yards out. His effort went well at the bar.

79 ‘- Morris fights a defender to win a ball in the box, but his attempt goes wide.

85 ‘- Morris again saw a golden opportunity. Alex Roldan The post found him open, but Morris could not put his reserve title in the frame.

87 ‘- Christian Roldan reaches the goal after a good pass from Morris, only to be stopped by Meredith with his left foot shot.

Frustration in Only Three marks: It’s hard to complain about a 3-1 win, but the Sounders have raised expectations at this point and certainly felt they could have scored a few more. Morris, in particular, had many good looks to come vacant. Four of Morris’ five shots came from 12 yards out or near, and one of them split. However, belonging to the most disgusting Miss Lodero, she was able to set up for a virtual kim from a scuffed shot by Gomez Andrade.

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Breaking the bunker: These complaints underscore how dominant the Sounders are. They shot the White Caps 22-3, one of the most failed shot odds in team history, and a season-best 69.8%. Unlike previous games, they dominated and were forced to build on crosses so that the Sounders were able to find their progressing target early enough to not make much progress.

Sent in style: With at least two – and three – starters missing in the next two games, the Sounders need to take advantage of this opportunity. It suggests they don’t need anything about how they play, but they have 10 points on the team in ninth place – and could end the week leading up to the Western Conference with a game in hand with three points. Despite the disaster next month, they are in good condition.

The fine …: Again, the Sounders won 3-1, so I didn’t want to do much of the negative, but … come on. I have to assume that VAR asked Ford to beat both aspects of the call – the fine and the red, but he was too shy to do so. Instead, he insisted that Gomez Andre’s backward leg should somehow justify the sentence. I don’t know how he decided that yellow was fair. I hope Pro has something to say about this.

“I’m very happy. If your team scores three goals – our goal-difference is very good – you’re going to win a lot of games. We put pressure on them, we put them in boldly. I ‘m very happy.” – Schmeitzer

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+19 – Sounders upgraded their target-difference to +19. If they retain it for an entire season, it will be +46, or two people are ashamed LAFC Set up last year.


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    Jordan Morris

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    Raul Ruidias

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