Corona virus Australia Live News: Donald Trump tweets video of ‘I do very well’ after confirming Govt-19 diagnosis

Corona virus Australia Live News: Donald Trump tweets video of 'I do very well' after confirming Govt-19 diagnosis

The current economic impact of COVID-19 has plunged millions into “periodic poverty”, posing health risks to menopausal people around the world.

It was first realized in Fiji by 16-year-old Anmari Radua and her 13-year-old sister Faith.

(Presented by: Anmari Radua)

Ms. Radhaya is a young climate activist, but when she saw a need she turned her attention to making “decent tools”.

The teenage sisters have donated more than 600 packages to Fijian women and girls, saying they will snatch them up in other alternative ways.

But with more than 800 million menstrual epidemics on any given day, term poverty – and the prolonged barriers surrounding menstrual bleeding – continue to have an impact even in Africa, Asia and Australia.

“It’s hard to talk here, even in Australia, if we’re talking about poverty in particular,” said Myap Friel, a spokeswoman for the charity One Girl.

“I think we need to normalize it.”

“We have received a lot of news about families affected by COVID-19 regarding shopping priorities, and women are choosing food over health products,” Ms Radhuya said.

“In some cases, they use friendly alternatives such as socks, newspapers and old rags because they can’t afford hygiene products.”

Although the Pacific island nation has reported only 32 cases of the new corona virus and two deaths, international border closures have affected the tourism-driven economy, leaving one in every nine people out of work.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that health products are imported into Fiji and supply chains are disrupted.

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