White Sox vs Athletics Schedule: MLP Playoffs Live Stream, TV Channel, AL Wildcard Series Starting Hours

White Sox vs Athletics Schedule: MLP Playoffs Live Stream, TV Channel, AL Wildcard Series Starting Hours

The Chicago White Sox 2020 has been a success since advancing to ALDS. Chicago picked up Game 1 of its Wild Card Series match at Auckland A’s on Tuesday and will try to close the series on Wednesday. A will send Chris Posit to the field on Wednesday in the hopes of forcing a win or co-home Game 3.

See when athletes and white socks will play in the coming days:

Game 2

Wednesday, September 30

3 p.m.

RHP Chris Posit vs LHP Dallas Keichel



Game 3 *

Thursday, Oct. 1

3 p.m.




* If necessary

Here are three things to know about this series.

This is Auckland’s first playoff series

This is the fourth time since 2014 that the As have created a postseason. This is the first time since 2013 that they will play in more than one match in the tournament. Previously, A lost the last three trips to the playoffs in the play-off wild card game: 2014, 2018, and 2019. Auckland’s last multi-game playoff series was the loss of five games in the divisional series against the Detroit Tigers.

A positive table played

Given that the MLP’s unbalanced schedule will support some teams more than others. One of those teams that benefited from the regional bias was A.C. They played teams with six wins in the next 60 games in the series against the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Patres. Those matches went to A2-4. The White Sox, for comparison, played 32 times against winning teams; They went 12-20 in those games.

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White socks entered the slide

If you are a believer in speed or a victim of temporary bias, you will worry about the chances of the White Sox picking up this series. Chicago went 2-8 in their last 10 tracks, losing their three-game lead by 52 games at American League Central. As far as our money is concerned, this does not mean the whole thing, but it is something we need to know all the same.

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