Britain is left with eight unrestricted travel options

Britain is left with eight unrestricted travel options

Yes, but it depends on which part of the UK you live in.

Government advice Reads: “If you live in an area with local restrictions, you can go on vacation outside that area, but you should only hang out with members of your own household or support the bubble.”

They add: “You can only stay in a private home – including self-contained shelters such as holiday cottages, apartments or boats – with your own household members or support bubble.”

In hotels, the government advises: “You can stay in a hotel or similar hostel (for example, a hostel or bed and breakfast) with another house, but you should avoid sharing rooms with non-residents or socialize inside the house, for example in each other’s rooms, reception areas or restaurants and In pubs. ”

The government advises against sharing a caravan with another home, and they say you should not share private vehicles to get to your vacation spot.

Holiday makers, however Wales They are advised that they cannot go on vacation if their area is locally locked. The advice to Cardiff Council reads: “We know this can be frustrating, but vacationing in the Cardiff Council area is not one of the permissible reasons under the rules. There are rules to protect you and your loved ones from the Corona virus, and to prevent the virus from spreading to Wales, the UK and other countries.”

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