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I think fate is a nonsense, I think so. I, the football, the Premier League, the referees, ourselves, I can not understand how to think about coaches and managers, I think about the players, how we allowed this rule to be implemented is beyond me, it destroys the game of football, there is no question about it. Because of the rules of football that have been understood and accepted by the people since childhood, these days we, even experienced coaches and players, are in a situation where we cannot understand what a handball is and what it does not. D.

I’ve seen it on screen, the idea of ​​it being handball, it’s nonsense. I don’t want to profit by this, I don’t want to lose it, but there is no doubt that it kills the game of football.

What will happen, I will predict, because the players are smart, they actually swing the balls in the hands of the people in the penalty area, shout handball, and the referees go to the monitor and give it. If people sincerely believe that football is going to make the game better then good luck to them. For me, a good football game was destroyed by an end. I didn’t say that because we lost the game because we made a decision last week. I do not believe in fate.

I am not criticizing the referee. Referee, he didn’t think it was handball. He had to give it because that was what he was told. Now how exactly is that? If I could ignore it, I would have enjoyed playing football. We missed points that I totally could not accept.

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Unfortunately again we are discussing something you do not want to discuss. It would be great if the game ended 1-1, there would be no penalties for us or against us, we would talk about the quality of football. Instead I have to come here and make bold statements, for which I have not apologized, because I have said all this, and will continue to say so. I’m very disappointed that we have introduced a handball rule that will kill the game of football.

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