Yes, this is September 21st

Yes, this is September 21st

September 21st – the last day of summer, the day before sunrise, and most importantly, the day commemorated by the 1978 Earth, Wind & Fire classic, “September”.

He is waiting to post his latest celebration of the day, date and date when the internet impatiently tweets comedian Demi Adejukpe. Adejukpe has been making videos for five years now, where he dances to the most important part of the song, and they have truly turned September 21st into a celebratory holiday.

His latest is here, and it’s – as always – September 21, 9/21 (21/9, too), 21, or a notable celebration you’d like to call:

But look, if you enjoyed this, please do us a favor Make a donation to a fundraiser Because next year’s video is on the line. (Fortunately, people seem to be asking: The donation link is brief Broke under all traffic. It’s backed up now, but if you can not go then check back later.)

Eagle Spoke with Adejuykbe About this year’s video and the process of putting them together. He talked to my colleague Bijan Stephen in 2018, when he raised close to $ 18,000.

For reference, enjoyment and celebration, here are Adejuikbe’s previous videos:

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