Microsoft AZ-204 Certification Exam: Is It the Most Suitable Option for Cloud Developers?


Cloud computing or the “cloud” as they put it, has become an essential component of modern IT departments. Whether companies, private organizations, or individuals, Exam Collection VCE Practice Test everybody has something to gain from this technology.

Recently, we’ve witnessed a rapid increase in the demand for cloud professionals with reports suggesting that this trend is only expected to rise over the next decade. So, are you interested in joining this promising field? Then, you might consider getting and validating the skills needed for becoming an Azure cloud developer.

This post breaks down the details of the new Microsoft AZ-204 exam that you must pass to stay ahead of the curve. We focus on the new role-based certification it will bring you as well as a few strategies to help you ace it. Now, Planning let’s get started!

Introducing the New Role-Based Microsoft Azure Badges

In late 2019, Microsoft released a new certification program with badges that concentrate on specific job roles and emerging trends. Thus, today, candidates who want to build an industrious IT career in a particular field or need to advance their technical skills to become eligible for a certain position, they can choose a credential depending on the role they wish to assume. For instance, ADMINISTRATOR the Azure-related track prepares applicants to serve as administrators, DevOps engineers, developers, data engineers, and other options of their choice.

Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure: Exam AZ-204

Test AZ-204 was introduced in mid-2020 in light of the latest developments in the IT world. Given the recent demand for cloud computing skills, Development Microsoft saw it fit to review its Developer Associate training to suit intermediate-level jobs and also cover modern Azure technologies.

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Simply put, Microsoft AZ-204 is a replacement for AZ-203 exam. The new training focuses on the roles and responsibilities of Azure cloud developers with specific emphasis on the design, deployment, and maintenance of Microsoft Azure solutions.

Passing AZ-204 Assessment

Acing AZ-204 exam, you earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certification which shows that you are better positioned to take this role in any IT department. However, such perks require lots of dedication and time for studies.

To help you on this path, Microsoft itself offers two training options that include instructor-led courses and several free modules for self-paced learning. In addition, you may supplement your preparation with guidebooks, Distributed practice tests. There are also some full-fledged video courses that will help you not only cover the themes on the whole but deepen in their crucial details.


There’s a clear shift towards cloud computing, so the demand for cloud developers is only going to increase in the coming years. Microsoft gives you the shortest route to becoming a recognized professional by acing AZ-204 exam. But, remember that to fulfill the basic certification requirements, you should have proper skills in programming, database management, information security, and the like to succeed in your future role. Thus, pay enough time for the preparation process, Document gain confidence in your knowledge, and you’ll excel in AZ-204 and get accredited with flying colors. And there you go!

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