Corona virus infection rate highest in Wales since May – Tuesday, September 8 Latest Govt-19 figures

Corona virus infection rate highest in Wales since May - Tuesday, September 8 Latest Govt-19 figures

Wales has not reported any corona virus deaths in the last 24 hours, but virus cases continue to rise.

The latest figures from Public Health Wales (PHW) on Tuesday, September 8 revealed 150 new laboratory-confirmed cases of the virus in Wales.

This is up from 133 cases on Monday and 166 reported after May 20.

The number on Tuesday in Wales has risen to 18,664 since the onset of the epidemic.

Here are the highlights of Tuesday:

  • Deaths reported today: 0

  • Cases reported today: 150 (since Monday 133)

  • Number of new trials: 7,171 (from 4,780 on Monday)

  • Total deaths with laboratory-confirmed corona virus in Wales: 1,597

The county of Gerbilly will be the metropolis Under local lockout from 6pm today, Nearly a third (44) of all new positive events have been recorded.

Rhonda finished second with a Xenon Duff (RCD) 17, followed by Cardiff 15, Mertir Tightfill and Neath Port Talbot with 11.

Newport and Bridget had eight lawsuits each, Rexham and Swansea had six lawsuits, Bavi had four, Carmarthenshire, Flintshire and Quentin had three lawsuits, Conway, Denbixhire, Quintet and Whale of Glamorgan had one, and Cர்பrdoban had one.

Monmouthshire and Angles are the only two local authorities that have not registered a positive case in the last 24 hours.

Where today’s new cases are discovered

These are areas with a maximum of seven days rolling total for new cases. All figures are reported as population-adjusted cases (per 100,000 people):

Gerbilly: 72.9 (above)

Rhonda Sinon Tough: 38.1 (above)

Mertir Tightfill: 34.8 (above)

Pavements: 18.1 (above)

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Rexham: 16.9 (above)

Cardiff: 15 (above)

Neath Port Talbot: 14.7 (above)

Bridget: 11.6 (above)

Swansea: 10.9 (above)

Newport: 10.3 (above)

Plano Quent: 8.6 (above)

Torban: 8.5 (above)

Flintshire: 7 (above)

Convi: 6.8 (below)

Glamorgan’s Vail: 6 (below)

Denfixhire: 6.3 (above)

Quinnet: 4 (below)

Pembrokeshire: 3.2 (unchanged)

Certification: 2.8 (unchanged)

Monmouthshire: 2.1 (unchanged)

English: 1.4 (unchanged)

The region of Wales, which has the highest rate of corona virus infections, is being explored by a total of seven days of rolling per 100,000 people, which is Gerbilia.

Local authority now has one of the highest positive case rates per population in the UK.

Health Minister Vaughan Keith warned that large numbers of people would be hospitalized and people would die if the cases “continued unchecked.”

He said the number of new cases mostly occurs among those under 40 years of age.

Check the case near you by entering your postal code:

The Minister said that the new rise in cases was driven by:

  • People who bring the virus with them from vacation abroad;
  • People are more socialized, but do not follow social distance counseling. This was triggered by the increase in house parties and indoor meetings in the summer.
  • The virus spreads in homes.
  • Cases in the workplace as more people return to work.

“The target community test has been introduced in Cairbilly, and is set to begin in the lower Rhonda Valley, where we are increasing the number of cases,” Mr Keathing said Tuesday.

“The corona virus is a highly contagious virus that spreads easily and quickly from one person to another.

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“There is an increase in the number of people under the age of 40 in Wales during the summer, with similar cases among young people in other countries around the world.

“It appears that the corona virus may be a mild disease for most people under this age.

“However, we are concerned about the risk of the virus regaining its foothold in the community and causing a surge in vulnerable groups and the elderly.

“People with the corona virus usually have a setback a few weeks before they are admitted to the hospital.”

The three activities that will take effect in Garbilli at 6pm today are:

  • Everyone over the age of 11 will have to wear face masks in indoor spaces such as shops where social distance is difficult. There will be exceptions for those who cannot wear face masks.
  • People will no longer be allowed to meet others indoors – including extended homes. There will be exceptions for caring and compassionate visits, and people will be able to meet regularly outside.
  • People cannot enter or leave the town of Gerbilly County without a valid reason. If for medical or compassionate reasons you are unable to work from home or go to school, traveling to work is a reasonable excuse.

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