Can Renault rename it the way it goes?

Renault want to bring Christian Lundgaard into Formula 1.

Release Date: September 4 2020

Renault The team has announced that it is restructuring its brands, giving the Formula 1 team a new look.

In a press release prior to the Italian Grand Prix, Group Renault revealed that it was reorganizing four brands into four distinct ‘business units’: Renault, Dacia, Alpine and New Mobility.

The report continued: ‘Its purpose is to provide an autonomous system for each business unit.

“The project aims to create a system based on a simpler and higher results, while at the same time strengthening the integration, motivation and sense of teams compiled by brands.”

The most interesting move from the Formula 1 perspective is the change in the job title for Renault team chief Cyril Abbott. His new official title is ‘Managing Director of Renault Sport Racing for Alpine’.

The alpine brand has been struggling amid huge losses at Renault, but Abbott Bowl has been tasked with the task of ‘creating, organizing and implementing’ Alpine in a new guise.

Renault B.A.

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Group Renault CEO Luca de Mio said: “The company needs to change its ‘game module’ and move from volume search to value and profit search.

“The organization, which revolves around four strong brands and large cross-functional functions, operates in a simple way, with a team-oriented approach to markets and customers, to achieve the best results.

“This is an important lever for the team’s recovery.”

There has been talk among Paddock that a new team name will be nominated by Alpine Renault over the weekend to announce how the Alpine brand will be integrated within the Renault F1 team.

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Abbott Paul was asked about his new role and plans for Alpine, but said he was the wrong person to ask.

“I don’t have these questions,” Abidge said at an FIA press conference on Friday.

“These are questions for the corporate strategy, the CEO.

“My two coins are that with the new Concord deal, we have a stable base in Formula 1, a great marketing platform.

“The way we want to use that site is up to the CEO. We have a flexible site and we have different brands.

“One of the things we need to do with the group’s financial decisions is rationality. We need to improve the way we do things, but first there is a strategy to define, I do not have to express it.”

The only snippet that Abidbol provided was that he did not expect his new character to be permanent.

“Right now I was asked what to do, a task with a few plans to design our brand,” he said.

“I was not asked to run the brand. So this is not a permanent meeting by any means.

“I will focus on: some of the strategies that have been given to me on what I do for Formula 1, no doubt change the team leadership by the time I do this task.”

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