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“Uncut Gems” is a very interesting movie with an exciting and intense story that it is hard to take your eyes off of the screen and it’s impossible to stay still. The directors, brothers Benny and Josh Safdie are known for their 2017 movie “Good Times” with Robert Pattinson. A scene in which in a bustling mine in Africa a piece of opal, the subject around which the film revolves, is introduced opens the movie. Adam Sandler’s character, a jeweler in New York, ends up getting it. An unlikely serious character for Adam Sandler to be portraying is exactly what this jeweler is like. However, similar to Mr. Sandler, his character Howard Ratner is a Jewish man who is neither good-looking nor sophisticated yet charming. Howard needs to win, whether he makes business with professional basketball players or gangsters. The fast and dangerous situations in Manhattan are from time to time interrupted by scenes where Howard Ratner finds some peace. Adam Sandler shows his acting craft to all those who have doubted it before.

Spoiler alert: the article contains several major spoilers. 

The “Uncut Gems” is not only probably the best performance by Adam Sandler but has also several other delightful performances by Julia Fox, Idina Menzel, and even a professional basketball player and NBA star Kevin Garnett. Directors could easily portray the actual atmosphere of the casino industry in just a few scenes. Howard’s assistant takes the money into the casino and stays safe. When she enters the casino building, scenes move into the different casino players. Along with an assistant, the camera moves onto gamblers focused on poker, slots, and roulettes. The movie scene filmed in a casino venue is impressive and it gives a real-life atmosphere. You hear the voices of gamblers, people who want to test their luck, and wait for results. The camera moves from casino tables and shows people who play online slots machine with joy and we can see pure adrenaline and blood rushing. Directors did a perfect job showing the pure and raw side of the casino industry in just a few scenes. Along with casino building, Kevin Garnett’s passage is something that brothers have to be proud of. Adam Sandler’s character bets everything on Kevin’s total points throughout the game and in just a few scenes we see how Adam becomes a crazy fan. Director perfectly has shown us Adam’s character as a crazy better who loves Boston Celtics and Kevin Garnett. 

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Not all the matters are resolved by the end of the film, thus leaving a space for speculation. Here are some questions that you would still have after watching the film. Julia De Fiore, portrayed by Julia Fox, receives two bags filled with cash on the backseat of a limo and leaves. But the jet that is supposed to be waiting for her in the local airport is probably not there, because Howard gets shot before he manages to book the jet. So what does Julia do? Does she still leave? Does she wait for Howard? Phil and Nico basically destroy KHM and take all the jewelry after Phil shoots Howard, but whether they escape or not is still a question to be answered. It seems like only one of them could escape and that too only if one of them would sacrifice his freedom. From what we know about them from the film, it is highly unlikely that either of them will make such a big sacrifice. What will Dinah’s reaction be when she finds out that Howard is dead? By the end of the film, she says she’s worried for him and considers calling the police, but their relationship is already over and she seems to be sick of him. That makes it unclear what her reaction will be like. What happens to the Michael Jackson crucifix necklace? Is Howard’s father-in-law Gooey swindled out of $ 190,000? And finally a seemingly silly question of whether or not the black opal is a magical stone. 

New on Netflix in September 2020: ‘Space Force,’ ‘Hollywood;

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Along with “Uncut Gems” a considerable amount of new content is scheduled to appear on Netflix this September. Let’s take a look at some of them: “Space Force” with Steve Carell, created by “The Office” collaborators Ryan Murphy and Greg Daniels, “Hollywood” a period-drama with Darren Chris and other rising stars, “All Day and a Night,” with Jeffrey Wright and Regina Taylor; comedies “The Wrong Missy,” with David Spade and Lauren Lapkus and “The Lovebirds,” with Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani; stand-up comedy specials from Jerry Seinfeld and Patton Oswalt; LGBTQ teen comedy “The Half of It“; and interactive comedy special “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The Reverend,” with Ellie Kemper; non-fiction shows such as “Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics” and “Trial by Media”. These are just some of the shows arriving in September.

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